Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rebecca Cruise ~ MARRIED!!!!

March 16th I flew into Norman, Oklahoma to be apart of Rebecca Cruise's wedding week and a bridesmaid in her wedding. Rebecca is a long time friend that I had known since my days at Schoenbar Middle school.  No matter how much time passes in our lives, we always seem to pick up right where we left off, making our friendship very convenient for us, as she travels just as much as I do!  Melissa, her mother, picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at a restaurant where I met a handful of Rebecca's friends, but no Rebecca!  She was at dancing lessons with her fiancée for the wedding!  And what a wedding week it was!  From bridal showers, tea time, Bridesmaid the movie, preparing the party favors, to the rehearsal dinners, flower making and the big day itself!
The very yummy and beautiful cupcakes at the Shower.
New Friends: Jen, Alisha, Tracy, Rebecca, Jill and Shan
Rebecca and Stefanie, the Maid of Honor
Rebecca is now Doctor Rebecca Cruise.
She wanted a picture of her mentor and good friend to hood her,
since she was hooded a long time ago at an
earlier graduation (she walked before she was actually done.)
The 160 boxes we assembled for the party favors.
Home made chocolates courtesy of Melissa Cruise.
Tea time!
The wedding shoes! SO CUTE!
Not the best picture, but the only one I got.
From left to right: Rebecca's Dad Mike, Melissa, Rebecca, AJ (her husband!),
Pat (her brother) and Tucker, her nephew.
The wedding cake.
Their first dance!
mmmmmmmm.... cake.
Toward the end of the night, after dancing up a storm, I
finally got a picture with the bride!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Master Michelle Meredith & Master Stefan Hovik

I'M SO PROUD!  My baby sister, Michelle, graduated with her Masters in Recreation from the college of Education, and Stefan, her fiancée, graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. 6 years and they are done done done!  After their graduation, they packed up the Uhaul and left Moscow to live in my Kent Condo until after their wedding.  Stefan got a job with Boeing working as a mechanical engineer and Michelle is currently planning their wedding (June 25th) and job seeking in the south Seattle area.  Congratulations you two!!!  
Michelle walking to her seat!
Stefan after being hooded.
Michelle and I after the ceremony (I got sun burned!)
Michelle and Stefan walking off campus together.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 10th Anniversary Skagway Mining Company!


It's been a while... Yes! I know.  April is by far my busiest month, consisting of unloading containers, pricing, receiving vouchers, credit vouchers, merchandising and calling vendors who send me Ketchikan shirts and giving them my $.02.  Let's also not forget, trivia night at the RO, weekly dinners with friends, and the lovely rec center that kicks my trash into gear on a daily basis.  This is my life.  BUT now it's May... or wait... end of May!!  The season has started, and although we have those last late shipments (happens every year), the store is set up and gorgeous as always!  (If you haven't been, I would like to just say, that my store is preeettier than yooouur stooore!)

This season marks our 10 year anniversary.   To think, that just 10 years ago, at the age of 22, I came up to Skagway, completely unexperienced, and interviewing 25 year olds for jobs.  HA!  The first few years were definitely a learning experience, and to this day I am still learning new tricks and more organized ways of doing business.  Yeah Me!  From 137 employees to date (see below for all their hard working names), to over 5,000,000 transactions, Skagway Mining Company did it!  10 years, 10 golden years of awesomeness!

Thank you friends and family for all your wonderful support.

Employees in no order whatsoever:
Keri Annette, Crystal Ackerman, Mary-Frances Afzali, Sara Anderson, Everardo Arreguin, Andrea Benner, Jessica Baker, Jake Beckwith, Candi Ketterman, Katie Kewalchuk, Jeremy Kilburn, Marilyn Johnson, Amanda Ness, Rebekah Beckett, Matthew Brown, Ryan Johnson, Michael Brown, Joseph Beckman, Jarrett Brown, Rob Brown (geezz, who knew I hired so many Brown's!), Nicholas Brown-Lee, Miranda Collecchi, Shawna Cook, Michael Cook, Kim Cook (all siblings), Jeremy Dates, Amanda Delaplain, Francis Delaplain, Ani Drozdowska, Erik Dustan, Michelle Emerson, Mandy Gadish, Brandy Grant, Isaiah Gregory, Rebecca Heger, Don Henderson, Renee Koher, Shawn Landers, Leon Kenneth, Emily Kunesh, Stefan Hovik, Barbie Hull, Stephanie Hughes, Max Jewell, Jessica Johnson, Trevalion Jones, Scott Lesh, Britta Leslie, Ryan Lehmann, Kara Linkovich, Tom Littlefield, Kristina Lukaviciute, Emily Lund, Christna Marley, Tristan McClure, John McClusky, Caleb McSharry, Rachel McClure, Kristin Million, Sharyl Mitts, Katie Murphy (now Parrott), Aaron Neitzer, Audrey Neitzer, Meagan O'Connor, Daniel Papke, Timothy Parm, Robert Pacillas, Kathryn Parrott, Redge Peterson, Jason Pfeifer, Tina Peterson, Mary Jean Phillips, Jose Pomales, Jennifer Powell, John (Jay) Proetto, Molly Robertson, Crystal Roberson, Alfredo Romero, Jason Sanchez, Tiffany Seher, Kyla Sparks, Kelan Spinden, Mark Shipley, Andrew Spink, Michael Stephens, John Thompson, Ekaterina Tinina, Joseph Toole, Brittney Thomas, Jason Warmack, Tara West, Shanna Vetter, Derrick Yarbrough, Jason Artman, David Lehmann, Elizabeth Morten, Tiffanie Potter, Alisha Stone, Joshua White, Venessa Devnani, Jaclyn Abbott, Kristin Casey, Jonmark Fore, Lexy Murray, Michelle Meredith, Dan Cratsenberg, Terry Chandler, Brent Beckner, Layne Mikesell, Stephen Brisk, Julianna Bauer, Nicholas Budd, Dylan Jaskuloski, Beau Berry, Tuesday Henry, Ashley (Georgia) Jackson, Michael Kavanaugh, Sarah Mastroyanis, Matthew Meredith, Nate Neagle, Jason Neilson, Hanna Prange, Phoebe Rudd, Alixzander Thomsen, Nicole Snell, Heather Wilcox, Tesylyn Korsmo

2011 10th Anniversary season:
Jon Sey, Jared Foland, Kristen Moore, Sarah Dudley, Jene Foland, Brittany Snell,
Jen Funkhouser, Will Dudley, Katie Williams

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