Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day 5 of 10 Goa Garba

This morning we took a bike ride through the countryside. It was raining, but not the typical Bali tropical rain storm, which we have been experiencing a lot lately, more of just a sprinkle. The bike ride is always my favorite. Being outside of the touristy area, I have seen some funny things while on this bike ride. People pooping in rivers, and then just down the river, teenage boys bathing in it. No joke. This time around, however, I didn't see anything that laughable and/or gross.
For the first time in Bali, I was cold. It felt refreshing. The drops hit my skin, the air against my arms going down hill gave me shivers, but then going back up a hill... I LOVED IT. What is usually pretty easy when eating food, was such a good challenge while detoxing. I purposely wouldn't put my bike into easier gears, to get that extra work out, and my heart rate up.

Group ride, minus 2, in the rain.

One of the stops along the way is the Goa Garba cave. Fascinated by myth and tale, I can't seem to find a well researched story. There is a temple, called Pura Pengukur-Ukuran, a place where all things are measured, i.e., mental, spiritual, and physical strength, and was built in 1100's. The temple was a used for a school, where potential religious leaders could learn. It was divided into three sections. The first was the dormitory/kitchen area. The second section was the educational area. The third was an area for meditation and prayer.

Entrance to the temple Pengukur-Ukuran, Pic taken in 2015 as
it was too gloomy and rainy this trip to get a good shot!

Below the temple, down a hill, is a place called Goa Garba. Goa means "cave" and Garba means "in the belly of the earth". A strong man, with aspirations to be the prime minister of the kingdom, built a separate entrance to the temple, all by himself, that also lead down to Goa Garba (see image with me on stairs). His name was Kebo Iwa. In this cave that he built, he meditated for 42 days without food. It is also that he practiced his war skills, having had to go through a series of challenges before he obtained his physical and spiritual powers. During the training, he defeated everyone. No one could beat him. This is why Goa Garba has become popular for people who want to gain physical and mental powers.

Can you imagine, moving those big slabs of stone by yourself?
Kebo Iwa was one tough dude.
There were many different areas to meditate, but Kebo Iwa did his here.
A little closer of the insides of the cave.

After the bike ride, we had a Conscious Cleanse workshop. This workshop goes over the emotional and mental side of our health. What are we afraid of? What is holding us back from our fullest potential? How can we ignore the inner critic in our head? Lola lead us through a meditation, then asked us questions, and we answered them in our journal. The biggest solutions to most of my fears/issues, s and has always been, self-care. Exercise, eating the foods that nourish me and ignoring the ones that make me sick, daily affirmations when I feel like I'm not enough, or I'm afraid I am going to fail. Playing! We, as adults, forget that play is so important! 

Lola also talked a lot about blame and making choices. When we blame others for why we are the way we are, it takes away our power. Stop blaming everyone, and instead, look in, and get honest with yourself. The only person who has the power to change you, is you.

Now on to the dirty stuff. To end my day, I had a colon cleanse. I decided to get one early in the retreat because it feels like something inside me is blocking my enemas. The night before, I finally did have some stuff come out of my bum, but not my usual. So during the colon cleanse, I thought for sure I would get a big load. However, the place I went, wasn't my favorite due to the lady who did the procedure on me. The center is called Cocoon, and it's beautiful, something out of the Jetsons. It has a gorgeous view out the back, and the inside of the building felt like something from the future, with its white lights between the beams, and rock pathways. I'll take a picture next time I'm there. I was brought into a room, and told to strip down from the waist, and put on a robe. The lady went over the process, but I couldn't understand a second of her English. In the past, it was a slow process, but we did four fills, and it was over in less than 10 minutes. Each fill being approximately 2 liters of water, and then letting out the water, while pushing on my tummy, and "watching" the stuff go down the tube. But there was one problem, I couldn't see the tube, so I had no idea if stuff was coming out. Each fill felt like I had IBS the entire time. That chilly, yucky sensation of having to get to the toilet or your ass is going to blow... yeah, that feeling. The last fill, I felt like she didn't really let it all out. She instructed me to go to the bathroom, and I was in there for 20 minutes, pooping water, and no toilet paper. Seriously. I was using paper towels, and cursing her. I also pooped water and small bits of mucoid plaque up until I went to bed. The lady never came back to check on me, nor talk to me about what came out, or her thoughts, etc. She was not my favorite. I asked Lola, and apparently another girl here had the same bad experience, so Lola is going to go have a talk with said lady. Lola always saves the day.

I'll leave you with the quote of the day on our inspirational board:

"Let today be the day you love yourself enough to no longer just dream of a better life, let it be the day you act upon it." -Steve Maraboli

Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 4 of 10

What a difference a day makes. I slept in until 5:30 am, instead of my usual 4:30 am, and then went on a walk in the rain. My energy level felt pretty good, given I have only had a couple glasses of juice and detox shakes, the last three days. When I say shake, what I really mean is, a bland tasting, bentonite clay drink, with psyllium husk, little bit coconut water and an even smaller amount of juice. Bentonite clay is a naturally-occurring, microscopic volcanic ash. It generates and maintains a very strong electromagnetic field, which allows it to attract and hold unwanted, toxic substances, so they can be eliminated out of our bodies, via an enema while detoxing. Psyllium husk is a natural, water-soluble, gel-producing fiber which is extracted from the husks of psllyium seeds. It encourages optimal colon functioning and helps get the gunk out too! We drink 4-5 of those a day and then end the day with broth. Some people LOVE broth, and sip down two bowls, I am not one of those people. Just the smell of broth makes me cringe. Lola, my host, gives me juice instead. I love Lola.

Broth with limes in it.
Left is detox shake with bentonite clay,
and the small jar is the psyllium husk. Put together, shake, and drink.

My enemas haven't been as amazing as my first two detoxes. Usually I get a lot coming out, but the last two enemas, I'm getting nothing but water. This is discouraging. For those of you who don't know how it works, let me explain. We drink the shakes, it pulls toxins from our intestinal wall, and then we do an enema to get it all out, morning and night. The enema bag has a long tube that you stick up your b-hole, and let the water go inside you. You don't have to do the entire bag at once, just what you can hold. This morning I did a bag and a half, 1/2 bag over three attempts. I did handstands, jumping jacks, massaged my large intestine, and nothing. Georgia, my other host, said that it could be stress. The muscles in my body aren't letting them go, because I'm holding onto a lot of stress. I blame Trump. Effing A-hole.

The day started with yoga together as a group. There is a new yoga instructor here and I want to take her home with me. She is amaaaazing! The last two sessions, I started the class feeling super hungry, but had forgotten that hunger by the end. It's the perfect amount of challenge and relaxation.

Yoga Class

After yoga, we had our nutrition class. We covered macro nutrients.  Protein, carbs, and fats. A few things about each that I think you should know too.


  1. The faster the animal, the easier to digest. Think fish, chicken, but cows, not so much.
  2. You should have 1 gram protein per 1 kilo of body weight a day.  I weigh about 64 kilos (140lbs), so 64 grams of protein a day is healthy for me.
  3. Complete proteins are from animals, and contain all the amino acids we need, but meat is also acidic, so two days a week, eat vegetarian.
  4. Incomplete proteins include; grain, tofu, nuts, seeds, legumes, vegetables, cheese, and yogurt (preferably unsweetened). With incomplete proteins, to get all the amino acids essential to your body, you need to eat them throughout the day, or combine two more more in one sitting.
  1. Simple Carbs, such as white bread, white pasta, white rice, sweets, crackers, chips, etc., try and avoid. These should not be eaten in large amounts because they cause a rapid rise followed by a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. When blood sugar drops, fatigue, hunger, headaches, irritability, and sugar cravings occur. Aka, HANGRY!
  2. Complex Carbs, such as whole grains, (brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, corn, jasmine rice, etc,), legumes, beans, peas, soy produce and root vegetables, etc., are better. They increase fiber, decrease blood cholesterol, stabilize blood sugars, regulate your poo, decrease appetite, and help with your energy levels.
  1. Fat doesn't make you fat. You need fat to burn fat.
  2. Healthy fats; avocados, coconut oil, butter, Ghee, extra virgin olive oil, etc.  
  3. Unhealthy fats; margarine, or any hydrogenated oils. 
  4. Don't listen to the dairy industry. Non-fat dairy, low fat, skim, are NOT healthier choices. The process of reducing the fat strips important nutrients, such as calcium and protein. Most times the fat is replaced with sugar making it completely devoid of healthy nutrition.
My day ended with an amazing session with Lola. We discussed things that I have forgotten about with concerns to self-care. Running two stores, and the second store being it's first year in 2016, made last year a very busy, hard, and stressful year. I haven't been doing the things I really enjoy, or taking time-outs for me. I stopped gardening, making map art, studying Spanish, dancing, or just hiking. I didn't climb one mountain last year in Skagway. NOT ONE! And since I left in October, the busy hasn't subsided. Work, travel for work, and yes, getaways, but I'm still going, going, going! My word for 2017 is MOVE, but here, Lola says it's STOP & BE STILL. That is near to impossible for me. I get bored, antsy, let's go, let's move, hurry up, move along. But I am working on it. We made a lovely plan of prioritizing myself instead of work this spring. Training for a half marathon, delegating more, daily affirmations, letting go of fear (writing letters to it and burning the letters), taking the time to cook for the week. SELF-CARE: It's so much more important than working that one extra hour. And once you make it a priority, everything else seems to be less stressful.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my walk yesterday. Of course, if you want to see others, you can go to my Instagram account.

Rice Paddy Walk

Ducks in a row.
Chilled out cow that was chewing on grass for hours.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 3 of 10

Day three is always the hardest for me. Upon waking, my entire body felt like it had a head ache. From my little baby toe, to my head. I hurt. I also felt like I had to vomit for about three hours. I have detox rash all over my arms, and a million bug bites all over my body. Did I mention I am choosing to be here? It's not easy. I'm not on holiday. I'm here to do some serious hard work, because the outcome is always worth it.

This morning I talked with my friend Mohammed. I wasn't sure where he was in the world, and I was worried he might not get back home. But, he's from Egypt, where Trump still has business ties with that country, so folks from that country are still permissible. Plus I found out Mo actually has a US passport, not just a green card or visa, but I am still worried. What if things just continue to get worse. I got online immediately and started sending money to the ACLU. They have power. They have the means to fight back. I, on the other hand, just have my voice.

When detoxing, emotions come out. I cried this morning for my country. But who am I kidding? It's not because of my detoxing emotions, it's because I'm scared. I cried the day Trump was elected. I cried the day he was inaugurated. I cried today when he wouldn't let human beings back into the country, even ones who were LEGALLY here. I cry because that's how I let out my fear, anxiety, sadness, and disbelief. 

This is how my day started. Sick and scared. But this isn't meant to be a political post, this is my detox experience.

We went to the sauna today for the hot/cold treatment. You get in the sauna, heat up, sweat as much as you can tolerate, and then jump in an ice cold pond. If you don't have a sauna, you can use a hot/cold shower. Why is this beneficial? It's similar to mild exercise, burning 300 calories per average session. It helps detoxify you, increases your energy, circulation, and clears out negative energy. Just what I needed today, except that a few fellow detoxers kept bringing up politics while in the sauna. They were in agreement with my views, lovely people here, but, talking about it was raising my heart rate, and making me feel dizzy. Dizzy because I'm in a hot sauna, with three days of no food, and talking about huge issues. That would make anyone light headed. After three sauna/ice pool jumps, I went and chilled by the pool by myself. 

The place we go to is magical. It's the oldest hotel in Ubud, called Tjampuhan and Spa, built in 1928. You can get lost in the little paths that lead you to pools, saunas, natural springs, etc. If I ever come back to Bali and don't stay at the Natural Instinct Healing, this is where I would want to stay. Absolutely gorgeous.

The right side is the cold pool, left side is hot!

Selfies are not my thing, but here's one of me in front of the Natural Spring Pool.

Just a lovely scene on the path inside the hotel garden.

Other things that we do here? Parasite zapping, massages every other day, workshops, rice paddy walks, meditations, watch documentaries, swim, lay in a hammock, and chill out! Still to come: cultural excursions, bike ride, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, and more workshops. All in our little bubble, safe away from the smells of food and chaos.

NOTE: I fee like my first blogging of this experience is much more thorough, and to avoid repeating myself, I'm just not getting too much into the details this time around. If you are interested in learning more, read my first 14 day cleanse here. (Scroll to bottom and then go up). 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 2 of 10: Digestive Workshop

Bright and early morning of 4:30am. Okay, not so bright, as it's dark here until 6:30am.  They say when you detox your sleeping can be completely opposite of your norm.  My norm is to usually go to bed a few hours before 4 am in the states, and here I'm asleep by 8pm.  I could blame it on the jet lag, the roosters, or all the other little critters waking me up so early, but there is nothing to blame when you actually are enjoying the change.

Today was hard. I'm hungry, and my body aches, and the girl in my yoga class who didn't wear a bra but insisted on inversions was slightly driving me crazy. No one wants to see floppy boobs upside down... gah! I'm hangry, irritable, tired, but that's okay! I'm accepting it.  I'm choosing to be here.

This morning we had the Enema & Digestive workshop. This is one of my favorite workshops. Not only do we get to talk about what comes out of our systems from our enemas, but also where it call came from in the first place. Let's get started, shall we?
Here is what our insides look like, just in case you forgot from health class.

My own chart for educational purposes.  I'm not an artist, and yes that's broccoli, not a shrub.

Looking at my chart, on the left, you see my version of our esophagus, stomach, small & large intestine, rectum, and a happy poop. The image with the fish, apple, and broccoli inside some lines, is your small intestine. On the lining of our intestines is our cellular wall, (the small squares).

#1. The left side of this image shows a healthy side.  Lovely little cells, with nutrients going through them, but nothing else, because the cells are close together. YAH healthy cells!

#2.  On the opposite side, we have a unhealthy cellular wall.  When our cells are so far apart, food can go through, which is what we call Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Your body starts screaming at you that something is in it that shouldn't be, and you get sick! Think IBS, chronic fatigue, allergies, arthritis, joint pain, skin rashes (story of my life!), nutritional deficiencies, thyroid issues, weekend immune system, etc.

What causes our cells to get so wacky and far apart?
  • Stress - Not only mentally/emotionally, but physically as well. For example, over taxing your body and not feeding it properly while training for a marathon.
  • Alcohol - Dude.. moderation people. You don't need an 12 pack in one sitting.
  • Rx - Food is medicine. If you can find a way, try and get off your meds, if you can't, that's okay too.
  • McDonalds and other fast foods - because, duh, it's not really food!
  • Allergens -  In my case; yeast, eggs, chocolate, avocados, dairy, tomatoes, almonds, peanuts. Do you feel sorry for me yet?
Which brings us to #3, and the reason why I was stopped after my first retreat in the grocery store, emailed, and/or texted, by people who read my blog, to see if I wanted to get coffee/tea and talk about poop and mucoid plaque. This stuff is interesting, but super gross. I basically would explain to them all of what I am explaining to you now, but we can still have a tea date when I get back if you want.

*NOTE: Don't click on the link if you don't want to see what it looks like... but I promise not to judge you if you do.

#3.  Mucoid Plaque: When our bodies are being attacked by all these toxins, mucous starts to form, almost like a scab, blocking any nutrients trying to get into our blood stream. No nutrients = you're gonna get sick! The plaque is thick, like rope, and really hard to break. I have my own photos of this stuff from my previous two detoxes.  The first detox being the worst. Most of mine looked similar to what is shown on the link, but I do have one enema where a really disgusting, large, piece of what resembled hard rubber, came out.  You couldn't even cut it, or scratch it. I was in shock that something like that came out of me. Just another reason why I LOVE detoxing every year... I want to let that shit go (quite literally). GET IT OUT!

That's all I have time for today.

Think about this post the next time you eat. They say "you are what you eat," but really, you are what you absorb.

Happy eating!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Natural Instinct Healing 10 day detox: Day 1

It's been a minute. I've been busy. So busy, that I stopped blogging, and doing all other lovely creative things I once enjoyed doing (dance, gardening, studying Spanish, map art, etc). Why so busy? I opened a second store in Skagway, and running the two has consumed me, along with just trying to have a life. But I'm back in Bali, for some much needed ME time, and for my 3rd detox. I didn't plan on blogging the experience. I haven't even thought of my blog in years. But here I am, spontaneously at my computer, in the Manipura room at Natural Instinct healing, Ubud, Bali, listening to a rain storm, and about to share some gross and fascinating details of my next ten days.

*NOTE: I have detox brain, so I'm sorry if my grammar makes no sense.

*WARNING: Before you read the next ten days, know that I talk about poop a LOT!  If you don't mind poo, or enema stories, carry on, if not, abort this blog ASAP!

Day 1 of a 10 day detox

I woke at 4 am with stomach pains that I know all too well. Whatever I ate last night wanted out, and it wanted out NOW! I struggled hastily with my mosquito net, the pitch black room, and stubbed my toe on the bathroom corner. I felt crampy too. Great, Aunt Flow followed me to Bali.

This day is starting out AWESOME!!!

My digestion had been above par the last few days, until this morning. What sucked about this particular incident was that I plugged the toilet, even before I wiped. If there was an award for the biggest shits, I swear to you I would win the gold medal every time. Where does it all come from?!? I have to give some credit to this particular blowout to my period. Ladies, am I right? Why is period poo so alarmingly HUGE? Gross.

*I know what you are thinking, but I did warn you. Carrying on....

Today I can't eat food, but I knew I needed some kind of juice, or the exorcist was going to come out. My intake wasn't until 9 am. So I ventured to Soma, closed. Tree of Life, closed. Back to Bali Bunda by 6 am, exhausted, tummy grumbling, and about to kill anyone who said "closed".  They were barely open, but said I could have only liquids. Perfect. I emptied two cups of almond milk with turmeric, and a detox juice, down my throat, and walked my sweaty, crampy body back to the retreat center.

Intake with Lola went really well.  We discussed goals for this detox, which are similar to my new years resolutions: MOVE.

Move my mind in creative ways.
Move my body to fitness joy.
Move my heart to love... myself, and in a healthy relationship.
Move my business into success (yes, I brought my damn work here to Bali.)
Move my inner child to play more!  PLAY is so important!

But my main focus, of course, is ME. Finding my focus. Find my inner strength. Reset, Recharge, Rejuvenate.

I wake up every morning in the states, look at Face Book, the news, my emails, all telling me HORRIBLE things that D. Lump is doing and it starts my day feeling already defeated. Before I even get out of bed, I feel hopeless, scared, and wanting to scream. This isn't working for me, nor anyone. I read this article the other day, and anyone feeling like they are going insane because of him, should read it. It helped me make a plan. A course of action. A way to step back and to reduce the anxiety of our douche bag president. Yep, I said that. Maybe he will tweet about it. "Loser blonde called me a bad bad name. Bad writing, bad blogger, I mean really really bad! Horrible girl, Just horrible! Wrong!"


Anyhoo....detoxing always helps me feel mentally more clear, emotionally more happy, and physically ready to take anything on. It also is imperative for my dumb food allergies. I still have the Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), and detoxing helped me gain control of what foods trigger reactions. I am researching histamine intolerance while here, as another fellow EoE blogger said it helped him immensely. That's all for day 1.

ps. I'm already hungry.

Arjuna Statue near NIH
Last lunch at Soma on Thursday. Tower of Power: Jicama,
purple potato, pineapple, sweet potato, & onion
Butterflies are every where!  (See globalcole on instagram for pics)
Tropical Rain Storm
I haven't eaten traditional Indonesian Food while here,
but ya'll ask what it's like so I took a pic of a menu.