Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Every year I make new years resolutions.  Some people think they are stupid, booo on them!  I love them.   Last year I had five.  Before I wrote them, I had the mindset that 3/5 would be good enough.  I somehow, miraculously, accomplished four of them.  They were:
  1. Start the introduction to my book - didn't finish.
  2. Study Spanish weekly - mastered
  3. Find a way out of Skagway - Plan made.
  4. Do a pull up - Conquered
  5. Fall back in love with fitness - Did and then fell back out of love. (it's a love/hate relationship)
This year I have five simple ones.  
  1. I will not use the escalator or elevator for one year, even if I have to go to the 25th floor. (unless it's an emergency and I am running late to catch a plane for example). 
  2. I will finish the research for my book.  (Maybe that is why I didn't get last years resolution finished.)
  3. I will read a book in Spanish from beginning to end and understand it.
  4. I will start my year round life in Seattle (most likely fall of 2011), opening a new business or starting a new career.
  5. Pay it forward. Whenever a kind thing is done for me by a stranger, I will go out of my way to do a kind thing for another stranger within 24 hours.
I hope everyone has their own resolutions, whether they are to lose 10 lbs or create world peace, having them helps you establish yourself in the new year.  It helps give you direction, purpose, and in the end, feels very rewarding.  *light bulb!*  Rewards!!  That's a good idea.  The following are rewards for each resolution.  If I finish these goals, then I will be rewarded with the following:
  1. Tighter butt and legs.
  2. A better understanding of my father's heritage and the resources to start writing.
  3. A trip to a Spanish speaking country for two weeks of non-stop Spanish speaking. (Who's in!?)
  4. Happiness.  A chance to make new friends, take interesting and amazing classes, volunteer more, and not live out of a suitcase or rubber totes.  (Won't you be my neighbor?)
  5. Better karma and a more compassionate heart.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Veas Opticos

Today I purchased my first pair of prescription sunglasses.  Usually I buy $10 sunglasses at Target, and within a month they are so scratched you can't see anything except a foggy haze.  In the last year, wearing my contacts lenses has been a bit annoying.  My eyes dry out, and my vision blurs more often when I wear them.  I talked to my doctor about this in the states, but the problem is still persisting.  Being able to see is crucial, and when the sun is out glaring into my eyes, I'm either squinting because it's too bright, or squinting because my contacts are no good.  Lasik eye surgery?  I've been told I am not a good candidate.  So when Marcos told me his sister was an optometrist and that she could offer me a good deal on vision wear, I decided to invest in my first pair of sunglasses that I will actually need to care for.

Veas Opticos is located in Arcos de la Frontera on Avenue Miguel Mancheno, 6.  Upon entering the shop, you are approached by either owner, Miguel Angel Veas Lopez or Maria Isabel Cruz Diaz, husband and wife.  They are the nicest, most genuine couple, with three adorable boys.  Isabel helped me in the selection of my new sunglasses, but they had too many cute styles to choose from!  If you know me well, then you know I'm the most indecisive person EVER.  I blame it on astrology.  Though, a good friend once pointed out that Libra's aren't indecisive, they just like to weigh all the options. Ha!  I think she is right. After narrowing down my choices to two, I finally chose a pair of dark red Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Veas Opticos - para que veas (in order to see)
Isabel & Miguel
My new Marc Jacobs sunglasses!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Spain

Traditional Christmas in Spain is nothing like the United States.  They have a Santa Claus but they call him Papa Noel and he doesn't come down your chimney at night with a bag of gifts.  Instead, he is more of a mascot for the holidays.  No reindeer, no sleigh, no Christmas cookies and milk.  There is no gift giving, stockings, no early morning surprises.  On Christmas Eve, traditionally, families get together for a big dinner.  This generally starts around 10pm at night.  They dress up in their nicest clothes and sit with each other's company to eat tapas, such as: shrimp, fish patae, ensaladilla rusa, ham, cheese, green olives, bread and chips.  I absolutely love the fish patae, and the ensaladilla rusa, but not so much their shrimp.  It tasted like low tide.

After tapas, comes the turkey.  They cut it up into pieces, with white wine sauce and potatoes.  Desert was pineapples, cheese cakes and traditional wrapped candies.

By midnight the kids are buzzing with sugar highs and the house is one big fiesta!  For entertainment we turned on the Wii and played Dance Dance!

This went on for about an hour... but the night was still very young!  At 1 am we went to Mikki's house, Marcos's close friends.  We arrived to find a group of people sitting in a circle, drinking wine and almond rum, while singing Christmas songs flamenco style. 

I was exhausted by the time we got home and my stomach felt like it was going to explode from all the food I ate.  Have I mentioned that I have gained 9lbs according to Marcos's scale since I arrived in Spain?  *gulp!  I am officially on a diet and working out daily.  (Today I mixed up my work outs and went swimming!!!)

Christmas day was just like any other day.  We repeated the dinner at Vane's house.... basically the same thing, but instead of Turkey I had pork loin with sweet wine sauce and raisins.  It was soooooo good.  YUMMY!  I was able to Skype with Mom, when Terry opened his present from me, and it made me miss home so much.  

Tomorrow I am on my way to Arcos de la Frontera again to get some Rx sun glasses and then to Rota on Thursday.  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and have a lovely new year.  Please be safe!  I just bought my new years eve dress and I'm so excited to go out and celebrate!

Oooh, and one last thing.  I am so proud of Spain.  As of Jan. 2nd, all public places, including bars, will be smoke free!  Finally, I can go out and have a glass of wine without coughing up a lung!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Manchester, England

Tuesday morning we woke up to more freezing weather.  Frank and Geraldine say that the weather here is record breaking cold.  I have to admit, even from Alaska, it's unbelievably cold here.  I thought my toes were going to freeze off and I had two pairs of socks on and my warm shoes!  It doesn't help either that my fleece lined wool hat and gloves were stolen!
Following up on my return flight, we left early in the morning on the train to Manchester airport from Atherton.  The trains are even a mess because of the weather.  Standing in the freezing cold waiting for delayed trains, just to have them announce it's been cancelled or on another platform.  The thing is, it's not even snowing.  It's just cold!  I saw people with their suit cases and children on their hips bouncing up and down as they run to try and catch any train to the airport.  This country does not know how to function in the snow.  Once to the airport, which I might add is a bit of a maze between each terminal, British Airlines was just as unhelpful face to face as they have been with their phone service and email (in which you can't use at all!)  The fed up employee told me that he couldn't book me on KLM because now KLM and other airlines were refusing transfers because they were more concerned with their customers than British's.  This makes sense to me, but I asked if there was any other flight to Spain that was not through London, to which he continued to shake his head (how does he not have a kink, nod instead of shake for the love of your spine!) and told me he could re book me on the 27th but only through London.  Now there is nothing wrong with spending the holidays here, so I thought, "Okay, I should just rebook considering I don't want to chance being stranded in airports on Xmas Eve and Christmas".  Then I started to think about Spain and Marcos, how all my friends and new family want me home for the holidays.  How many chances would I get to experience a Christmas in Spain.  They do things very different for the holidays than how we do them in the USA.  Santa Claus doesn't come down the chimney with presents, but is more of just an icon for Christmas.  They don't do presents until Three Kings in January (and that is really just for the little kids) but instead on Christmas go out to the bars and walk around kissing everyone and wishing them Feliz Navidad all the while drinking hot drinks or cold beers!  I'll go into this in more detail when I live it, because I got all this information in Spanish and I could be mis-interrupting it.  So anyway, after a minute of thinking, I thought lets go to KLM and see if I can get on one of their flights.  We walked the 15 minutes from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2, while I looked online (Frank's phone) to see if they still had flights and they didn't.  I was getting panicky.....  thinking thinking thinking.... and then I remembered Easy Jet has a direct flight from Manchester to Malaga for pretty cheap!  We had to head back to the terminal 3 (same exact spot, it felt like dejavu).  While we were walking there, I used Frank's phone to book the ticket as they were only 3 seats left.  By the time we got there, it was already done.  Frank was quite impressed.  "How did you walk and use the internet at the same time and remember all your bank information?"  My response, "I'm a good multi-tasker!"  haha!  While there, I asked British if I could get a refund and he told me to call in two weeks after all this mess was over with!  Can you believe it?  I feel so bad for people still stranded. I still can't believe I actually got here.  There are people still stranded since Saturday.
Aaannyywaaay, afterward we headed back into Manchester.  What a gorgeous city.  The old buildings and the smells.  I just loved it.  We headed to the German markets and has giant sized sausages for lunch.  I ate mine in about 2 minutes, dripping Ketchup on my jeans and shoe.  I'm a mess, but it was the best sausage I have had ever.  All the little vendors had the cutest things to buy but were 1.5 x's more expensive for me :(  Stupid dollar!

The most cute and quaint pub in  Manchester (I'm a bit biased, it was the only one I visited!)
Later that night we enjoyed a French meal at Cafe Rouge and then onto the Pantomime.  A Pantomime is a play that is put on with a lot of audience participation.  We went to Snow White, and the actors were famous here in England from English television.  Pantomimes are said to be for children but really they are for everyone!  It was the funniest show on stage I have seen in a long while.  The used modern day songs, from Lady Gaga (the queen and her wickedness) to Mission Impossible theme song (when the 7 dwarfs saved Snow White in the forest).  It was sooooooooo cute!  I think if Ketchikan did this every year for the holidays it would become a fun family tradition.  Kids yell to the actors with praise, boo to the wicked queen, sing songs and laugh and laugh!  At the end, before the Snow white wedding, they did a little audience participation.  Four children got on stage to participate in a "ha ha ha" contest.  I missed the first kid who was interviewed on camera, because we weren't allowed to use cameras (but I did it anyway!)  When asked if he liked girls he said "Only two... my mum and nan!"  (how cute is that!)  The video is below.  Here is the link to the web album to see more pictures.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow delays...

So... remember how I mentioned earlier that I have been having bad luck? hahahahahhahahahahhahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah....
it continues (although in the bad luck I have gotten some luck).

I woke up Saturday morning to an email saying my flight from Madrid to London was cancelled due to snow.  I became frantic and immediately got on Skype and tried to contact the airline. Was I supposed to stay in Cadiz?  Should I fly to Madrid from Jerez?  The line was busy constantly.  When I finally was put on hold, I waited an hour but then needed to go right away to catch the bus to Jerez.  Once to Jerez, they told me to fly to Madrid and see what happens. Upon arriving to Madrid, I was informed my flight was cancelled.  Iberia was amazing and put me in a nice hotel, with dinner and breakfast.  I couldn't believe it, all for free!
The next day I went back to the Madrid airport to be informed that my flight was cancelled again and I needed to stand in a line for two hours to get re booked for the next day. This was unacceptable to me.  I decided to get online and find a flight that didn't go through London.  I found one KLM for $470.  So I asked an Iberian man, if I fly with another airline, will my return flight be cancelled and can I get compensated for any of the flights I don't take.  He said yes but I would have to call in a few days to make sure they don't cancel my return flight. This seemed fishy to me.  I asked two others, and they weren't sure.  So I went back to that man and said, could we just talk to a customer service rep now to make sure my return flight doesn't get cancelled. He then took me to the business class line, even though I didn't have a business class ticket (which was weird, because my ticket said business class, but that is not what I paid for). After standing in line 40 minutes, the man at the desk said he couldn't help me because my ticket wasn't business class, to which I then said, I know, but the other man brought me here because I wanted to fly on KLM so that I can get to Manchester tonight!  He took my information, typed for ten minutes and then gave me a ticket for FREE to Manchester that night!  What luck!
I felt so bad for the others.. the que for the customer service was now 100 or more people long.  I got to the desk for the lady to tell me that now the Manchester airport was closed due to weather.  I started to cry.  She got on the phone and then said that she was mistaken, its still open!  Geez, nice move lady.
Once to Manchester, I was so happy to see Geraldine and Frank.  I went to get my hats and gloves outside of the my checked luggage and they were gone. Someone inside the airport (a worker) stole them from the outside pocket.  grrrr.... my favorite hat and have I mentioned how cold it is in Manchester?!?  Oh well, at least I made it here, right?
But the London airport now says that delays will most likely be happening into Christmas.  I tried to call them to rebook my return flight through Amsterdam instead of London but you can't get through and when you do, it just hangs up (with British Airlines). I got a hold of Iberia and they told me I had to go to the airport to try and book the KLM flight, which as of right now, there is one seat left.  Please, please let me get that one seat tomorrow.
Wish me luck, I really need it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Life is getting better in Spain.  I got a 9/10 on my 5 page test today in class.  YES, 5 pages!!!  So I am feeling like a Spanish speaking Goddess right now.  YIPPEE!!! QUE BIEN!
This is my first Christmas ever away from home (Dad or Moms).  So far I am doing okay on the homesickness front, but being in Spain has made me appreciate my family so much more.  There has been holiday seasons where sometimes I feel like I want to runaway from my family, but being away, reminds me of how special my family really is and what an amazing place I grew up in.  Because I am in Spain, where the cultural is so different than American homes, I am finding that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, with the best parents, siblings and friends who have been my main support my entire life.  I am feeling perfectly blessed right now, with many lessons learned here in Spain. Lessons like being grateful, taking it little by little, letting go, and patience.
Tomorrow I am on my way to Manchester until Christmas Eve.  I am beyond excited to see Geraldine and Frank.  I will blog all about it.  I am a little behind on blogs, as I still need to share Barcelona with all of you, but no worries, it will get done.

The lights in the background are actually real, but our camera wasn't the best so it looks fake! ha!
We are so silly!
Face downs! hahah sooo funny!
Jumping photo, but only Marcos succeeded!
Feliz Fiestas!
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Arcos de La Frontera

I don't like to think that I have a pessimistic attitude or that I think  negatively but I haven't been having the best time here in Spain.  Don't get me wrong, there have been amazing moments, but all the little stupid crap is making those amazing moments feel small.  It started the first week I got here, one thing on top of another.  Little things, like bug bites, getting drenched by random rain storms, leaking boots, to bigger things like bladder infections, colds, being demoted (read below)....crap just has just been piling up and piling up to one big fat pile of pissing me off.  Last week was the cherry on the top.  
As I was leaving class on Wednesday, my teachers asked me to come talk to them.  They asked if I wanted to move down to the lower class.  After six weeks of studying, I have been demoted.  I told them this the second week I was there, that I had a horrible time understanding and that when everyone laughs in class, I didn't get the joke because I understood nothing the teacher was saying.  They told me to stick it out.... 6 weeks later, they finally see how frustrated I am getting in class and are putting me down to the higher level of beginner, one level down from lower intermediate.  Since a lot of students have gone home, the beginner class now only has 4 other students, some have been there for months, some for weeks, so the teachers tried to tell me it wasn't much different than the class I was in, but my pride has been bruised.  Quite honestly, I felt like quitting.  Here I am trying to hard to learn this language and instead of moving forward, I am moving backward.  So yes I almost quit.  I cried and cried and felt discouraged and frustrated and cursed all Spanish Gods to take their language and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.  But I didn't quit... I just felt like poop the remainder of the day.  
That same day Marcos and I went to Arcos de la Frontera.  It's a gorgeous white town (all white buildings) and it was a nice breath of fresh air.  Finally, something fun, not stressful, happy, go lucky!!!!  We stayed at his oldest sister's house, Isabel and her husband, Miguel.  They are optometrists and have a little shop down the street from where they live..  They have three very cute boys, who practice their English with me.  Isabel reminds me of me. She is very tidy.  For example, she has organized all her sons toys by super heroes or dinosaurs :)  I like her. . . it was fun trying to communicate.  But of course, my bad luck wasn't over.  
We went out for drinks, which was tons of fun.... tapa bar after tapa bar!  I took so many pictures on my iphone and was so excited to blog about it all to show you what the food was like, etc etc...when I reached into my purse to take another picture, and low and behold, my phone was gone.  I had remembered using it less than 5 minutes earlier to look up a verb but it was just gone.  Did I not put it back in my purse, or did I and it not go in and instead fall on the ground?  I looked in my pockets, on the floor, all around me, no where to be found.  My only guess is that it fell out of my bag and on the floor and some dishonest asshole picked it up and just walked off with it or someone saw me put it in my bag and reached in it and took it.  I was so angry.  I made Marcos ask every person around us, please, have you seen a phone?  But it was gone.  I was in tears.  Why, seriously?  Is this a lesson from God saying "humble yourself woman, be happy for the small things?"  That is what it felt like and maybe that is what it was, but could I please just have 24 hours without something stupid happening to me!?!  Please, pretty please, with sugar on top!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankgiving in Spain - Spanish

Thanksgiving was a hit!  Trying to find the right ingredients or the brands I trusted in Spain was near to impossible.  Did you know that Spain doesn't have cranberries, just the juice (not very common though) and in one grocery store we found cranberry sauce, but they put it with the tobasco sauce?  I had given up looking when I just happened to look up on the top shelf and there it was next to mustard and spicy sauces.  Random.
I prepared a story in Spanish to read to my family (see below for my Spanish readers), skipped school on Friday and cooked up a storm.  Turkey, home made gravy, carrots, home made mashed potatoes, hot rolls (store bought and microwaved because Pillsbury doesn't exist here), my marshmallow yams, cranberry sauce, black olives and two hand made pumpkin pies (literally, i mashed the pumpkins!).  I started the day with Lola, Marcos's mom.  She was nice enough to pluck the few remaining feathers that were left on the Turkey and help me clean out all the grossness inside.  (Yuck!) Then on to the peeling of carrots and potatoes, and last my yams.  I have to thank my Mom for the email advice (and remembering her cooking in the past) as well as Youtube videos.  They were SUPER helpful.  Here are some pictures.
Boiling the pumpkin
Mashing the pumpkin
Home made crust
Pouring the pumpkin yumminess
Carrots, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Turkey.  Yams were still in the
oven, plus cranberry sauce, hot rolls, and black olives. 
The Thanksgiving Table
Paco says, "yummmmmm!"  Eat up friends!
Pumpkin Pie! YUM... though it didn't taste like homes! 
Thanksgiving Story in Spanish
El dia de Acción de Gracias se celebra en 1621.  Los peregrinos navegaron desde Plymouth, Inglaterra al mundo nuevo en el barco llamado Mayflower.  Había 110 personas en el viaje que duró 65 dias. El primer invierno fué muy duro.  Mucha gente murió.
El 16 de marzo de 1621, un Indio llamado Samoset se acercó a los peregrinos y les ofreció ayuda.  Samoset les enseñó muchos métodos de supervivencia.
En octubre la cosecha tuvó éxito.  Tuvieron mucha comida para el invierno.  Ellos quisieron celebrarlo con los Indios para expresar su gratitud.  Tuvieron un banquete que duró tres dias.  Comieron maiz, gansos, pavos, patos, anguilas, almejas, abadejo, cebada, pan de maiz y carne de venado.  Ellos tuvieron muchas razónes para estar agradecido.
Ahora, celebramos el dia de Acción de Gracias el tercer dia de noviembre.  Comemos pavo, maiz, zanahorias, panecillos, ñames, puré de patatas, relleno, arandanos rojos, cazuelas, y aceitunas negras.  Mucha comida, asi que siempre hay sobras.  En mi familia, es una tradición decir algo por lo que estar agradecido.  Por ejemplo: Estoy agradecido por mi Dios, familia, amigos....etc.
En este dia de Acción de Gracias, estoy agradecido por mi familia española y la oportunidad de estudiar español aqui durante tres meses.  Espero que os haya gustado mi historia y penseis en las cosas por las que estaís agradecidos.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A night in Seville

Last weekend I went to Seville for the night with Marcos, Vane, Mikki, and Paco.  Last year I studied here for a week and just loved this city.  This is where one of my favorite artists lives, Maria Ortega Estepa.  I missed her art show in October but she is going to have another show in Jan, and I am definitely going to go see it! 
We left Cadiz on Saturday morning and arrived to miserable weather.  It wasn't just raining, it was Ketchikan pouring.  Parking is really bad in Seville.  We parked a good 30 minute walk away from our hostel, so by the time we got there, I was drenched.  The boots I was wearing leaked water into my socks and I didn't bring an extra pair of shoes!!  I walked the city with cold wet feet.... :(.  I planned on buying some new shows in Seville, but no such luck.  I think I'm too picky.  Anyway, the rain finally eased up and we were able to roam the city.  We visited shops, walked by the Cathedral, got a chai from Starbucks, visited with Paco's girlfriend Lucia, and roamed the river.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

A very cute candy shop that I love.
The Cathedral

hmm....... ok there are too many! To see the rest, click here. (Most of these were also put on facebook!)

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Jerez shopping spree

Every day after school, I come home, have lunch, study, go to the gym (some days), study some more and go to bed.  Marcos decided I needed a break from this monotony and he took me shopping in Jerez!  There is a huge shopping center there, including Ikea, H&M, and cute clothing shops. 
We left Cadiz a little later than we had hoped.  We walked through some of the down town area, which on some streets reminded me of a fake movie set up because of how old and cute it was.... and then on to the bus to get to the major shopping area.  Upon our arrival, we realized we didn't have much time to eat a snack before we shopped, so we shoved two donuts down our throats (not one but two each) and started  in H&M.  The last store we were in was called Primark.  
Primark is like... well the craziest store I have ever been in.  Jodie, if you feel overwhelmed sometimes in Target or Fred Meyer, you would have had a heart attack in this store.  Merchandise is everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean it.... the floor, on racks, hanging off doors, lights, EVERYWHERE.  They sell all clothes, from baby to adult.  It's smaller than an Old Navy but bigger than a Gap.  They have these tiered tables that look like giant laundry piles.  What humored me was there was actual employees trying to fold it all back up.  It would have taken an army of folders to conquer that mess.  I felt inclined to help since I can fold a shirt in less than 3 seconds, but only folded about 6 shirts before I noticed the check out line.  It was about 25 people or more long.  Even if I did find something here, who the hell would want to stand in that line??  I had to leave.  We then got Burger King and headed back to the bus station.  I felt like a walrus, donuts and Burger King, wow Cole, way to stay healthy in Spain!  
Jerez is a lot like Cadiz, in that it has a lot of history, old streets, character, etc but Marcos says I can't talk them up because Jerez citizens always think their city is better, and always try to one up Cadiz or other cities.  Jerez however doesn't have a beach, so take that JEREZ!

A statue in the city

Buildings in Jerez
The amazing sunset I captured
Marcos and I on the way home... 

Fotos de mi vida en Cadiz

Just a few pictures of my life in Cadiz.
Sign reads: For the employment in the bay of Cadiz (Cadiz and surrounding areas)
For the compliance of the agreements (contracts)
They were walking down the main street setting off fire crackers.
Lola enjoying her hobby of painting.
So orderly and neat.  I love the little kid undies in the upper right corner.
Boys stealing internet to play games online.  They do this quite often..
Sometimes they even move it down on the walkway instead of the hallway.
Daily sounds outside my window.
Vane's building

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Friends

Marcos is extremely loyal to his friends.  He is the type that has a few super close friends and he sticks with them for life.  He reminds me of a wolf with his pack, forever together.  Saturday we had a 6pm snack (since dinner is at 10pm) at his house and those really close friends of his came over for SMC candies, peanut butter on toast and tea/coffee!

Lucia (Paco's girlfriend), Ana (Jesus's girlfriend), and Vane (Miki's girlfriend)
Vane is shy and currently learning English.  She gets super nervous around me when trying to speak English but she is getting more brave.  She is my closest girlfriend here.  I try and tell her that I am just as nervous speaking Spanish but that in order to learn you have to try!  Lucia is what I think of as a typical Spanish woman.  She is super expressive with her face and hands when she speaks, so much that I usually understand her the most because she is practically acting out what she is saying.
Left to Right: Cole, Paco, Lucia, Ana, Vane, Miki and Jesus
The triplets: Marcos, Ana and Paco
This is just a silly picture of us at the park, eating candies and studying Spanish!
Tomorrow is my third week of school!!  Two weeks down, 10 more to go! Not that I'm counting or anything.  I wish I could stay here for a year and teach English and become a Spanish speaking Goddess!  Wish me luck this week!

Noche Sueca

This weekend was full of fun events!  Spain is definitely very social, and people are always coming and going in Marcos's home.  Friday night we went to "Swedish Night" at some of my fellow classmates apartment.  There are a lot of Swedish students at my school because SIC (Spanish in Cadiz) has a contract with the University in Sweden (or something like this) that puts all Spanish learning students at SIC.  The night consisted of singing Swedish songs, eating meat balls and drinking a lot!
I brought brownies and cookies (in the white bag!)
Frankie from Seattle!!  He is studying Spanish through Univ. of WA.
Elin, Swedish, pouring drinks
All the deserts
Elin had food coma! hahah
Teachers, students, friends = fun!