Friday, November 22, 2013

Workation 2013

When Barbie asked if I wanted to go away for three days to a cabin in the mountains with the girls, drink wine, hot tub, work during the day, and giggle, my reaction was similar to a teenage girl excited about a boy band in the mid 90's. No really, I jumped up and down and squealed! Working from home the last two months in utter seclusion, I often found myself chatting to Max, or watching TV shows incessantly on my ipad, just to hear conversation. Totes the truth. Plus who doesn't want to spend four days in the woods with a bunch of silly girls, bonding, and making hilarious memories.
Megan Keller, Krista Simons, Laura Marchbanks, Barbie Hull, Kelli Bielem and I (all business owners) drove to Cle Elum for a four day workation #twerkation, #operationfatpants. We rented a cabin, with a cozy wood stove, five beds and an out door hot tub.  Fully stocked with bottles of red wine, champagne, Fireball, cheese filled hot dogs, chips, and lots of chocolate, we drove up the mountain and set camp.
We woke early every morning, worked diligently, starting drinking at noon religiously, enjoyed afternoon walks, and went in the hot tub nightly.
The cozy cabin

Megan, Krista, Laura and Barbie

Sweet Max

Cole, Max, Megan and Barbie on a walk.  Laura took the picture.

The Brick Saloon, Roslyn, WA

Laura, Kelli, Krista, Me, & Barbie at The Brick Saloon

Barbie, Laura, Krista, Kelli, Megan and I at Swiftwater Cellars


PS. This made us laugh all week.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chilkoot Trail 2013

Most of you have heard of the Chilkoot Trail.  If you haven't, please read about it's history, it's unbelievable what gold rushers went through on that trail in 1898.  I hiked it years ago with four friends, and remember it being some of the most beautiful nature and landscape that I have ever seen.
Just a little run down.  The Chilkoot trail starts in Dyea, and runs 33 miles to Lake Bennet.  It's highest point is 3,000 feet in elevation and goes from plush temperate rainforest, with Sitka Spruce, and Alaska Hemlock, to glaciers, lakes, rock boulders, to a scene out of Lord of the Rings.  I'm not kidding. This trail never looks the same. Around every corner is a new surprise.... snow, glaciers, wildlife, fjord like cliffs, different colors of lichen, rivers, lakes, wildflowers... *sigh, it's just gorgeous.
Mariah, my dear friend from DC, who has the best attitude about life and all it has to offer, asked me if I wanted to hike it again with her for her 42nd birthday.  I immediately agreed. Here is a glimpse of our three day hike.

First night was at Pleasant Camp (10.5 miles in), 2nd night Deep Lake (13 miles more!)
and home by the 3rd night (10 more miles) to my lovely bed.

Start of the train in Dyea.

Artifacts - How they got this up there, I can't imagine.  

First night, so tired... 13 miles!

The Golden Staircase.  It doesn't look that high, but that's a
 false front you see up there. There's a few false fronts.

Lake Bennett

Our ride back to Skagway!

Side note: I wore my bodybug to see how many steps and calories one might burn on such a hike.
First day: 39,625 steps, burning 3,877 calories.
Second day: 30,038 steps, burning 3,976 calories
Third day: 31,764 steps, burning 3,471 calories

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tourist Stores (yes that's plural)

I totally forgot that I had a blog this summer (and a life), until someone commented on one of my posts and it notified me through email. Where've I been? I've been BUSY!!
Fish Pirate's Gifts expanded the store this year from 1,500 square feet to about 4,500 sq. ft. and the restaurant moved back upstairs (Fish Pirate's Saloon). I started my season in Feb., two months earlier than usual, and luckily had the help of Sarah, Lauren, Terry and Hannah. It was a hellish process of going through Dock Sides's old inventory (pulling red tags until our fingers bled) and receiving new goods for the season. Hannah Martin is the new manager this season at Fish Pirate's and doing an AMAZING job!!! Not only does she have an eye for merchandising, she is on top of things without me having to ask. I'm very lucky to have her.
Starting in April, I have been going back and forth between Ketchikan and Skagway working at each store.  Sarah is still the manager at Skagway Mining Co, and is rocking it this year by herself.  I have only been in Skagway three times this summer, and each time I arrive to a clean and well put together store.  I seriously don't know what I did to convince her to stay this long at Skagway but she and I have been managing now for 13 seasons. I'm super happy that she is still here with me!
Thank you Hannah and Sarah!!!  You girls do an outstanding job!

Fish Pirate's crew Tacky Tourist Day! 
Taffy wagon - custom made pirate ship!
Skagway Mining Co.'s Crew 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Goodbye fudge... Hello gym!

I love food.  Lately that's all I think about.  Food, food and feed me more food. What's for lunch?  Where's the chocolate?  How many calories do you think is in this.....oh, who really cares?  I just recently found these peanut butter fudge pieces dipped in chocolate at Whole Foods.  I'm not kidding you, they are unbelievable (and they are vegan too, who knew vegan could be so good?!?)  Holy Heaven in my mouth, just typing about them makes me salivate.  But here's the problem, I'm ballooning...I'm muffin topping all my jeans, tired, out of breath, achy, and a bit disappointed in myself. I know, I know, I don't look fat, but a few years ago I lost 16 lbs and was in the shape of my life, and quite honestly, I want that body back.
Nate and I decided to have a weight loss competition.  The winner, the one who loses the most weight loss percentage in three months, wins nothing but a kick ass body. We have our own personal goals....him losing 15 lbs and me losing 10.....and toning up, eating more micro nutrient foods (fruits and vegetables), fitting comfortably in my size 6 jeans, saying no to over indulging, and..... well, you get the point.  Ultimately, I want to be the best woman I can be.  Yes, having a love affair with food has been fun, but it's not making me feel all that awesome.   If I tell the world of my goals and have someone keeping me accountable, I will most likely follow through.
Hello gym, goodbye peanut butter fudge (well maybe just a little, in moderation of course.)