Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 11! Detox Done Ubud, Bali

11 days, 10 nights, 0 food. 11 lbs lost, 11 friends gained, and a basket full of new knowledge to bring home. People always ask about my experience here, and it isn't something I can put into a few sentences, let alone even finding the right words. Every trip has been different. Every detox a new lesson learned. In order to know what happens here, to understand this process, you have to go through it yourself. And even then, your experience will be totally different than mine.

This morning we broke our fast with a lovely bowl of papaya. Lovely because it was in star and heart shapes, just for that extra touch of love. We went around the table and shared what we felt was our major high. The consensus of everyone was that the group was the highlight. You know how there is always that one person in the group that either doesn't want to be there, or two people don't get along, or someone is just flat out annoying... well not in this group. Everyone was supportive, holding space for one another, and genuinely caring. It really makes a difference when you have a group like that. Thanks new friends!

Before and After - 11lbs/5kilo
The ending group

This entire trip has been rain, except the last few days. The beach was calling my name. NIH is the best in that they just supply a driver for me, and off I was to Sanur beach for a few hours. I didn't do much there, literally sat outside a cafe, ate some lunch, swam, walked around a bit, and went back to Ubud. It was perfect 3 hours.
Two of my awesome drivers on the left, and the two on right
keep NIH looking amazing!

I had a smoothie for lunch and later a bowl of soup. My gut
is like a babies gut. I have to bring in food, nice and easy.

The view outside Genius Cafe

I finished my last day off having dinner at Soma with Ema, John, and Nicole. I had Mini Gado Gado Rolls, basically vegetables wrapped in cabbage. Nicole and I ventured out for some evening shopping and had the best time. Anything for the last sale, we were getting some major steals! The Balinese believe a sale is good luck, so if they haven't had many sales that day, they will sell it to you for nearly free. We were getting sarongs for $2, and Bali pants for $4! Cheap! The ladies would then take the money, and smack the merchandise and bless it, hoping for more sales.

A little store front

Nicole and I at Clear Cafe for one last snack for the night.

PS. I passed a ton of gall stones this morning. LOADS. I feel lighter.

PPS. Thanks friends for reading these little day blogs. I hope you felt inspired to get out of your box and try something new, or at least think about what you eat for your own health. Remember, you are what you eat (or absorb), and if you change your expectations into appreciations, your whole world will change. 

"Never underestimate the power of LOVE. With love, the impossible becomes possible. Love is the only universal language that requires no words to understand. Love is really all that matters in this world. Love and happiness go hand in hand." -NORA

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 10 of 11 Letter Burning Ceremony

Tomorrow we break the cleanse. Today was no shakes, but only juice, water, tea, and broth. This was because we were doing the Liver Flush. At 2pm and 4pm we take these herbs, then at 6pm, an epson salt shot, and 8pm, a lime juice/oil concoction (tasted like salad dressing). Immediately following the 8pm oil drink, you lay down on your right side, so that your liver gets coated. In the morning you do an enema and look for the gall stones.

Georgia with our "shots". 

So because we weren't doing shakes, it made for a mellow day. I had my colonic. I went to Gaia, the same place I went to in 2015. I felt their bed side manner was better than Cacoon. The nurse there said that I didn't have a lot coming out, but that is normal for someone who has detoxed three times, and eats a clean diet.  She also said I was gassy. HA! Like I didn't know that Lady. I fart in my sleep for goodness sake!

Tonight, to have a final release of letting go, the group had a Letter Burning Ceremony. We wrote letters to whoever we chose, whether that be ourselves, family, exes, fear, the unknown, and then we burn then. It's a beautiful ceremony, especially at the end of the detox. I have attached pictures to explain some of the process.

The entrance to the ceremony space

As we walked in, Mada was singing prayers.

You can see my letters in front of me, and the bowl in the center is
where they get burned, as well as where the offerings go.

Mada blessing me.

You put a bracelet on after the blessing. When the bracelet
falls off, that is when you have "let go".
 After the blessings, each person then gives three offerings to the Gods. You put the offerings into the fire; rice, flower petals, and..... Honestly, I wasn't sure what the other thing was, and I wasn't about to raise my hand and ask. Then Mada prays for you, as you meditate on your ancestors. You put your letters into the fire, and continue to meditate as the Gods take them away. Afterward, we all take some of the ash with tongs and put it in a coconut. There is a river next to our retreat that we emptied the ashes into, so that they are taken out to sea. Isn't that awesome!?

Selfies after ceremony!

It was dark so the lighting isn't the best. The group had 12, but some where on 7 day detoxes,
and Michael left today.

Mada and I after ceremony. This man is a jack of all trades.
He is building his own home, has many degrees, and just knows
how to do just about everything!

Tomorrow is the final day, last blog will be short and sweet! ox 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 9 of 11

THE SUN CAME OUT! What a difference a little sunshine makes. We started our morning with a lovely walk. Good conversation and beautiful scenery, makes for one amazing hour on your feet.

Rice Fields

Ducks with a local cafe next door that uses their eggs.

Graffiti on the trail

Afterward, we headed to our last Steam & Sauna. I did three sessions of sauna and cold pool, and then went and got a sun burn, literally. It was glorious.

Beautiful Pond area at the Spa

Red Dragonflies are rare to see.
Read here about them.

No workshops today, so in the afternoon I went and did some shopping. I stopped by a cafe called Habitat, which is near the monkey forest. I got a juice there, but was sitting next to two men eating Pad Thai. The smell alone made my stomach grumble. I seriously had the devil on one shoulder, and angel on the other thing going on in my head.
Devil:  "Do you smell that?  Get it! Push the guy over, steal his plate, and run!"
Angel: "Don't ruin your fast, Cole, look how hard you have worked!"
Devil: "It's your favorite food. THAI! I can see your salivating, EAT IT! Take his plate and just shove your face in it!"
Angel rolling eyes

I drank my pineapple, mint juice and went on my way.

Two more days. Easy Peasy

Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 8 of 11: Kitchen Workshop

Another rainy day. I saw the sun for 10 short minutes, even skipped yoga just so I could enjoy it. Today was spa day. I got my nails done, and a facial, thanks to lovely NIH for treating me!

Georgia and I had our one on one session. We talked a lot about histamine. Considering that I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), a chronic allergy disease, in which white blood cells (Eosinophils) show up in the esophagus triggered by food allergies, it would make sense to check out my histamine levels. If one has high histamine levels, most likely they will have high levels of Eosinophils, as it's been shown that high histamine increases your Eosinophil levels.
That's a lot of E words.  Enough!

Georgia and I discussed how to get the histamine levels down. Diet is a big factor, as all foods contain histamine, some more than others. The biggest to avoid would be fermented foods and meat that has been sitting out, or leftovers. The longer the unfrozen meat has sat in the package at the grocery store, the worse. As it sits, the histamine rises. There are other foods to avoid as well, and I'll eat those in moderation, but FRESH is always best.

I am adding Quercetin to my supplements. This helps reduce the histamine in the body. Slippery Elm and digestive enzymes will also be added to my daily smoothies to help with inflammation and leaky gut, at least for the first month after my cleanse.

Anyway..... after our one on one, we had the Kitchen Workshop. This was great! It was a new class, that hadn't been offered before and it really opened up my brain to so many fun and exciting things to try. I recently bought a dehydrator, and had been using it mainly for drying out my activated nuts, but flax seed crackers here I come, (and so many other recipes!) We learned how to make cashew yogurt, although fermented (a no-no for my new diet), it looked really yummy.  Unfortunately we can't try it until the last day when we break the cleanse. We also learned about other gut happy tools, like bee pollen, moringa, gelatin, and how to make your own sweet gelatin treats! It was a great workshop. I should have recorded it! I'm super excited about trying the bell pollen. It comes in granules, and it's cheap over here. I'll be stocking up and hoarding it back in my suit case. It's great on oatmeal, yogurt, chia pudding, etc.

No pictures. Sorry guys. But the sun is out (It's day 9 as I write this), and I'm going out to play in it!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 7 of 11: Ida High Priestess & the Hindu Mafia

Yes...that says 11. I realized that the detox is actually 11 days, 10 nights. 

*NOTE: This entry is mostly images, so if you don't see them in your email, go here.

Today was a big day. I didn't get much sleep last night due to the pounding rain on my roof, but I got up early for another Campuhan Ridge Walk. This time, it was a bit more wet. Just a bit.

Flash Flood Rains
Group shot for the morning walk.

Bali dude.
Papaya Tree

After our hour long, flash flood, rain storm of a walk, it was time to see Ida. Ida is a the youngest High Priestess in Indonesia. You can read her story here. 

Today, for the third time in my life, I had a water purification ceremony from Ida. Each experience has truly been it's own. She is such a beautiful human. I always feel the biggest release after the ceremony, and today felt spectacular. The biggest difference about this experience was what happened during the 40 minutes of meditation before the water pouring started.

We sat on our meditation pillows while Ida sang the prayers and song. She blessed the water, while we meditated with her. About 10 minutes in, three of the holiest looking old dudes walked into the room. Each had a staff. They wore long robes, and their hair was up in buns on the crown of their head. They wore multiple large rings and necklaces, and had white stringy beards. These men didn't just walk into the area, they made an entrance. Kind of like a slow saunter, each one left about 3-4 feet between them, single file. They walked to a point, and then right faced toward Ida. After doing a few things behind a wall, they came back out, and found a spot up higher on some stairs. They sat cross-legged, like us, so I figured they were joining the meditation. Nope. The three holy dudes, started to chat. Like we weren't even there. Just bullshitting while we tried to concentrate on Ida and the meditation. One started smoking. One took a phone call after his cell phone rudely rang three times. It was straight up like the Hindu Mafia just walked in. Ganstas.

After the emotional ceremony, we usually go and meditate more with Ida, but apparently these men were the highest of priests, and Ida had to give them her attention. Dewey, one of our hosts, said that the way they behaved is why so many people appreciate Ida. She has respect, and is humble, where as these dudes, they left an impression of not giving a shit, (I'm sure they do, but I was baffled by their behavior).

Ida blessing the water for the ceremony.
Hindu Priests (seriously though, the Hindu Mafia)

The group with Ida in the center

They have two monkeys that hang out in
the temple. Georgia, and Dewey, playing with
one of the girl monkeys.