Tuesday, March 29, 2011

San Francisco.... treat!

Last Wednesday, Barbie and I went to San Fran for two days of non stop walkin' and tourist boppin'.  We walked and walked and walked and saw pretty much the ENTIRE city.  From the Mission Street Murals, to the friendly Castro district (where Harvey Milk's office is located!), to the Fisherman's Warf, we walked our feet off (literally, my shins and feet hurt for two days after the trip).  We had a blast.  Our hotel was amazing.  The MOMA was even MORE amazing.  The weather, not so amazing.  It poured (Ketchikan style) all day Thursday.... but that didn't stop us.  Check out some of my favorite pics that Miss Barbie Hull shot!

Hotel Majestic and random building
Museaum of Modern Art - Wine sniffing.
Mission Murals
Check out Barbie's blog for more amazing pictures! 

Everyone should know at least one Spaniard

Meet Marcos
 Full name:  Marcos Antonio Cruz Diaz
Nationality:  Spanish
Age: 31
Occupation: Starving Artist
Languages: Spanish, English, Some German, Some French

Meet the silly side of Marcos:
When we first met.  Marcos is in the middle.

Cheeky Monkey Mug - What a clown.

Our Christmas pictures

Carnaval in Cadiz
Meet the loving side of Marcos:
Our first date was a rock concert!

Carnaval 2010 in Mexico
Meet my best friend Marcos:

Super sexy Marcos:
I can't help it, I had to post this picture of him.. MEOW!

Marcos is. . . one of a kind.  He's patient, understanding, super silly, smart, kind of crazy, drives me nuts on a daily basis, hugs me when I cry, rubs my feet when they hurt, listens, advices, and is always there when I need him.  Marcos is beyond caring.  He goes out of his way for his friends and family on a daily basis.  He is a Spaniard, which means he is insanely passionate.  Spaniards bleed passion, whether it's on stage performing the Flamenco, in a bar talking Spanish cuisine, politics or national pride, or just loving their girl.  Everyone should have a Spaniard in their life.  I'm so thankful I have Marcos in mine. He's my best friend and I was one lucky girl, in a bar, in a foreign city, on a cold November night in Cadiz, Spain when I met him.  
Marcos let me stay with him for three and half months while I studied Spanish.  I don't know how he put up with my fits of frustration over the Spanish language and the other stressful moments I had, but somehow he did.  This is me thanking him.
Thank you Marcos!
I wanted everyone to know a little piece of Marcos, he's just that amazing, I had to share.  I am also hoping that something great is going to happen in his life.  He needs a little luck right now, an opportunity, a magic moment of change.  Sometimes things fall into people's lap when they aren't even looking.  Marcos needs that something.  He is such a hard worker and always striving to better himself, taking language classes, or web design, but unfortunately Cadiz is having an employment crisis.  Currently the unemployment rate is higher than 30% and change is almost unreachable. . .almost. I believe in asking the Universe for things that you desire in life.  If you have the right attitude, things can change.  Please send your positive thoughts to Marcos, check out his blog, heck friend him on Facebook if you want.  He has done so much for me and I would love to repay him! I know Marcos really wants to visit Alaska.  With all the traveling I am doing this summer for weddings (and have been doing this winter), buying his ticket would leave me maxed out.  And because of his situation, making that kind of money is unattainable for him right now.  If you feel like doing me any kind of favor in the near future, donate here toward a ticket for him to come to Alaska.  I will be donating too!! Think of it as buying me a cup of coffee.  $5, $10, $20.  Thanks friends.  Your help is truly appreciated.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My last week in Spain

The last week of Carnaval is in my mind as one big blur.  Not because I was drinking, (I only drank a little), but because everyday there was something going on.  Choirs singing in the streets around every corner,  free giveaways (food, beer & wine all for freeeeee), concerts in the evening, costumes galore, a massive fireworks display and more.  My days and nights were full.

One of the choirs singing on a truck that moves around the city.
Miki, Vane, and Marcos
The bug choir singing a song in the old town.
Their costumes represented the Miners in Chili.
Marcos's twin Mad Hatter sister!
Traditional sea food sold during Carnaval.
Victorio Lucchino, a famous designer.
They fry their own potato chips instead of selling lays!  They are so much better!
Elin (from Sweden) and I.  We look like sisters.
Alejandro (the school admin) and I
All of us enjoying our free food and beer!
Friends :)

Concert in the square.  Everyone in the crowd was singing along!

Alice in Wonderland costumes from Malaga.
More Alice friends.  I just loved this Queen.
Burning of the witch at the end of Carnaval.
The amazing fireworks show at the end.  It's a long video, but very pretty!

If you would like to see ALL of the Carnaval pictures, click here.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Marcos has been studying English the last 2-3 years and he is so good that I sometimes forget that English is his second language.  Whenever I hear Spanish, sometimes I hear the word and it sounds similar to another Spanish word.  I'm a constant ball of confusion.  Here are a few of our miscommunications. 

I was sitting on the bed looking at my laptop and having a discussion with Marcos, while he was on his computer.  The last line of the conversation was from me to Marcos: "Don't be so defensive."
Long 10-20 second pause.  Marcos looks over at me and says, "What is so expensive?"

I came home from the Pharmacy with a box of "throat lozenges".  They came in a box, which is not as normal as USA, but the directions say to suck on them and they tasted minty just like at home.  I had a horrible sore throat, so I laid down on Marcos's bed, opened my laptop to watch the latest Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and started to suck those babies down.  2 hours or more passed when Marcos says, "You can now have another one of your medicines, enough time has passed."  I looked at him and said, "What medicine?"  He looked at me and stared.  I then picked up the box and said, "theeesee?  I have had 12 so far!"  Woops.... maximum in 24 hours was 8.  Overdose symptoms were hypertension and stroke.  Sweet Jesus I was paranoid but nothing bad happened and I didn't die in my sleep (obviously).

When practicing English with my friend Vane, she described to me what she did in class.
"My teacher touched me....." umm....
"Taught Vane, taught!"
I didn't tell her what she really said, as I didn't want to embarrass her.

When asking Marcos where something was, he replied, "It's in the toilet!"  And I thought "WHAT?!?! IN THE TOILET!! WHY?"  But then I realized, they call the bathroom, 'toilet'.  Which kind of makes sense because some bathrooms don't have baths only toilets.  

While in Barcelona I asked Marcos "Is there any other museums that you wanted to see today?"  Marcos: "Yes, but they are already in my pants."  Me: "um... are you trying to be cheeky with me?"  I heard pants, but what he really said was plans.

Handing Marcos my water bottle to pack in his suit case, I said "Can you fit this?"  He took it and I went on with my packing.  30 second later he handed it back filled with water.  (fit / filled)

"I think I have lice," I said as I itched my head.
Marcos: "um, like the potato chips!"  (Lays)

Marcos and Paco were rough housing and Marcos hit Paco in the leg.  All fun intended, Marcos actually hurt Paco.  Later Marcos and I were on the bus discussing the incident.  After a little pause Marcos finished the topic with the statement "I hope he's okay".  I looked at him, trying really hard to understand what he said and finally just asked if what I heard as correct "You want a piece of cake?"

While in Spanish class, I told my teacher what foods I ate in Chaouen.  Instead of saying "pollo" which is chicken, I said "polla" (which is a really stupid mistake, but a funny one!) which means "cock" or "dick".  She burst out laughing and said in english "no no, that means cock!"

I am sure there will be plenty more miscommunication as long as I continue to hang out with bi-lingual friends and studying Spanish!!  Fun times.


ps:  Some of you are having troubles viewing my pictures in your email.  I am not sure how to correct the problem, but if you would like to view the images, just go directly to my blog site.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunday Carnaval

When I was young girl I went to Disney Land for the first time with my family and was able to meet Alice in Wonderland. As she approached me, I remember being in absolute awe, mouth wide open, and speechless.  She leaned down and said, "We look a lot alike us two...with our long blond hair!"  I was totally in love.  Later, when I began dancing, one of my dreams was to perform in a Disney Land parade as either Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or some gorgeous admired blonde from the land of fantasy, like Alice. Sunday I not only danced, but I was thee Alice in the Carnaval parade.  I didn't even know that I was going to be in the parade until two seconds after it started.  I woke up on Sunday at 4pm, (yes 4pm but we were out until 5:30 am, so I have an excuse) and put myself together in a haste to get to the parade on time. Walking to the main avenue, children got so excited "Alicia! Alicia!" they screamed "Momma, es Alicia!".  Marcos and I had so many pictures taken of us with other people's kids, and that was all before the parade even started!  Marcos mentioned we could walk in the very beginning of the procession, so when the parade approached where we were, we got passed the crowd and walked our Disney butts out onto the main avenue and strutted our sweet costumes.  Along side us were the performers that competed in the competitions on TV, basically really famous people to this area.  It was SO MUCH FUN!! All the little kids waved at us, and screamed out our names.  The kids thought Marcos's eyes were the coolest!  For 20 minutes or so, walking down the street, we felt famous in the little town of Cadiz.
A woman made Marcos try on her glasses!

The Parade behind us.  All the people here were VIP, and at the end of the parade,
we went into their VIP area..... we are so sneaky!
Some of the crowd.
Lil' Mad Hatter with Mad Hatter
Lil' Alice with Alice
Such clowns!
The cutest little old lady I have ever seen!
The start of the Parade
Possibly the coolest float I ever saw.  The wings moved up and down and
it was "flying" (it had no base).

A parade always needs a few drag queens.
Rio style = almost naked.

Later that night we enjoyed an amazing show of fireworks.  The explosions were choreographed with music to American disco songs!!  It was a blast!!!