Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dear Body

To My Loyal and Gracious Body, 

From this moment forward, I vow to take care of you, so that you can take care of me. I will feed you with organic, nutritious, local foods, treat you with compassion and affirmations, and water you religiouslyI will listen to you more, to understand your needs and wants, so that we may feel healthier and energetic. I will read labels, protecting you from ingredients that agitate you, and nourish not only you physically, but spiritually.

When I do put energy in you, I will focus on the act of eating, instead of multi-tasking, or distracting my thoughts on my phone, or TV. I will eat until I am full, not eat to empty my plate, or because it "looks so good!" I will bless our food with affirmations and good thoughts. I will chew my food mindfully, and vary my diet.

Instead of Perfectionist Self-talk, I will speak to you from Healthy Striving Self-talk, accepting my imperfections and loving you just the way you are. I will not blame you, or speak to you with critical words. Even when my skin gets old and wrinkly, and my joints do not function like they used to, I will embrace you and our old age. The only opinion that matters about you, is my opinion.

I will rejoice in my abilities of being able-bodied. Thank you for your strength and stamina to run races, do yoga, take a dance class, to sweat! Thank you for helping me to climb mountains, swim in oceans, feel warmth from the sun, hear birds in the wild, see the the beauty of Mother Earth, and to pick up and squeeze my niece and nephew with a loving heart. I will not take any of this for granted. Thank you.

I promise to surround myself with positive energy, like-minded individuals, and non-toxic environments. I will remove myself from situations that only create havoc on us. I will meditate to fill your spirit with peace, awareness, and joy. I will set an intention everyday, such as to work with ease, find my happy in the day, or to rest. I will be present. I will be mindful and aware of your emotions. On days where I feel sad, angry, and/or tired, I will respect those emotions and not hold them in to grow inside, but rather, let them out so that my soul can heal. I will forgive myself when I find I have slipped up, or at fault. I will not do things to satisfy others, or to fit the mold, but instead, do things I genuinely want to do, with love. I will laugh more, cry more, sing more, scream more, smile more.

From this moment on, I know in my heart that you are doing your best for me, and that my decisions reflect your abilities. We are a team. You and I, to the end.

Your biggest fan,


I wrote this letter to myself, after reading this one on Elephant Journal. I took some of her words because I loved them so much.

A Total Transformation - 14 Day Detox


7.2 kilo. 15.8 lbs... let's just round up here and say 16, yeah? All from my intestines... mostly. All 12 of my enemas were a success, meaning disgusting stuff came out. I estimated that each enema was about 1-2lbs of mucous and mucoid plaque. I also had a colon cleanse. More crap down the tube. And a liver flush, where I passed about 10 gallstones. Do the math people! That weight was mostly from my gut, and now I have a much flatter tummy! YEAH ME!
Before and After

However, I wasn't here for weight loss. I was here to heal my gut, and I'm happy to say that I have. But, in a previous blog, I mentioned that two things happened, and I only told you about the one, the High Priestess. The other was an appointment with a man, Dr. Adolf Brown, D.C. He does Holistic Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, CranioSacral Therapy, and Nutritional Consulting. I went for the kinesiology.

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic system based on muscle testing that can provide information about musculoskeletal pain, digestive problems, immune deficiencies, infections, nutritional status, food allergies, the acupuncture meridian system and much more. By accessing the body's intuition, AK can find the root cause of the chronic health conditions.

I wanted to know about food allergies. Before I left to Bali, I was told I was allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree-nuts, and yeast. All things I ate every day for five plus years. Adolf put me on the table, and had my arm up, resisting the weight he pushed on it, while also touching other parts of the bodies. Peanuts and dairy. That was it. The thing is, it didn't really feel real. I remember thinking "What is this man doing? Making stuff up as he goes along?" However, he noticed when he was testing different systems, that my immune system was weak. So he asked me about antibiotics as a child. I had ear infections almost every month after I was born. I was on antibiotics for the entire first year of my life. I also took them growing up because of strep throat, which I probably had a good 8-10 times. Today, we know that antibiotics kill our bacterial flora in our gut, making it an environment for candida to grow. Too much candida creates problems, even autoimmune diseases. We started to talk about other issues that have been consisted throughout my life. Bloating, gas, sugar cravings, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, food allergies, IBS, acne, hives, hair loss, itchy skin, iron deficiency, dizziness, sinusitis, insomnia, brain fog, hyper irritability, bad memory, PMS, yeast infections..... All symptoms of a Candida overgrowth.

Adolf thinks I've had too much candida my entire life. Which is a HUGE statement to say, because it would explain the mass amounts of problems I have struggled through growing up until now. I took this information back to the retreat, talked to the hosts, and found a quiz in a book to assess if I might have it. Anything over 180 would be a candidate for possible candida overgrowth. I scored 317. Enough said.

So what does this all mean? Candida diet. I'm now officially going to be that girl who sounds like this: "Where did this chicken from from?" - "Is their added sugar?" - "Hold the cashews!" - "What kind of oil was used to make this dish?" - "I'll have a glass of wine...just kidding" - "Corn, no thanks" - "I brought my own mayo and ketchup... no need to bring that to the table" - "Hold the bacon.... yes, that's what i said, NO BACON!" *Sigh I might as well move to Portland.

Here's somewhat of a breakdown of what I can and cannot eat.

Adolf told me to be strict for a good month; very low sugar, very low carbs, no yeast/wheat/gluten. After a month I can slowly bring in some sugar and carbs. Then over a few months, slowly bring in more foods, and test after six months. I have been detoxing for two weeks, but just now guzzled a smoothie that was so purple from fruit yumminess (a no-no in the Candida diet) that I might actually pee purple. The thing is, some people say, "Be super strict." Others say, "Candida will hide in the gut if it's not being fed, so feed it a little, and kill it with herbs", which I take everyday. I have candida cook books on their way to my front door, so that I can put my chef hat on right away, and nourish my body for what it needs now, not what it wants now.

Most doctors in the USA don't even think about Candida overgrowth. I am taking an official test when I get back to the states with Dr. Margie Ikeda, to see if this is all legit inside of me, but my gut says it is, quite literally. If you suspect you might have it, I urge you to look into it further. Google Candida Symptoms, and see if they make sense to you. Find a naturopathic doctor who will take blood, or stool, to test you. A quick home test: When you get up in the morning, fill a glass with water, spit in it. If your spit doesn't sink, don't worry about any of this, but if it sinks and has kind of like stringy looking stuff as it goes down, go see a specialist. Your health is everything.

My first food after a 14 day cleanse!
Today we had our first bite of something. Papaya. It helps to wake up our digestive system. A person asked "Are you going to go out and have a big dinner when you are done? I bet you can't wait to have something sugary, a dessert." The answer: No! For one, I get full just from a smoothie right now, which also taste super sweet to me. If I went out and had a full plate, I would vomit. And two, I don't plan on ever going back to the diet I used to have; high sugar, very little nutrition, on the run, etc. Yes, I will indulge in some sugar, like 88% dark chocolate, or raw chocolate, or maybe even one of my amazing dairy free chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I probably will slip up from time to time. No one is perfect. I am going to take care of this vessel the best that I can. Making lifestyle changes is hard, but doable. This retreat was the best gift I have ever given myself. I urge anyone who struggles with digestion problems, to seek out a retreat that is at least 7-14 days of detox, using bentonite clay and psyllium husk in their detox shakes. Food Matters has a list of detox centers around the world.

Good luck friends and remember: You are what you eat. If you feel sluggish, then stop eating food that makes you sluggish. If you feel sick, stop eating food that makes you sick. VARY YOUR DIET! Chew your food! Be mindful. Rest. Play. And always, "Thoughts become things, choose the good ones." The Universe.

Lola and Becky, aka Life Savers
Becky and Lola The hosts - Thank you ladies! You have helped me transform my life! xxoo

Saturday, February 7, 2015

High Priestess Ida Panditha Mpu Budha Maharsi Alit Parama Daksa

As much as I blog, and try and share this experience, there is really no way to explain what we are actually doing here. This journey has been an emotional, physical, and mental awakening. Yesterday was deep. Like, deep deep. Two thing happened, but today we will just focus on the first. Have any of you ever heard of the only High Priestess in Bali? No? Want to hear an incredible story? Get yourself some tea and a snack (preferably no sugar, non processed, organic snack), sit down, and read on. If you want the short version, scroll down past the big version.

Copied directly from her about on facebook (YEP, this girls on Facebook!

Ida Panditha Mpu Budha Maharsi Alit Parama Daksa Known as: "Ida Resi Alit."

On March 13th, 2007 a legend was born. A village girl of 21 years old was ordained as – not just the only, but the youngest – female High Priestess of Hindu Dharma, the traditional religion on the deeply spiritual island of Bali, Indonesia. On the day of her rebirth, this village girl became known as Ida Panditha Mpu Budha Maharesi Alit Parama Daksa, or simply "Ida Resi Alit". 
Historically, she was born on March 14th, 1986 to a modest Balinese family. Comprised of farming families surrounded by pastoral rice fields, their remote village is situated in the middle of the island. Her given name at that time was: "I Komang Wediantari." 
Like many other village girls just graduating from high school, she left her home near Gianyar in 2006 to seek a job in economics, her major in school. She landed on exotic Bintan Island off the coast of Singapore, known for its commerce, in hopes of finding a job that paid well; well enough to help support her family back home.
But she would soon discover that The Divine had a different plan for her. In her honest search for employment, all doors closed to her and she could not find work – not a single interview. After several months of disappointment she was forced to return home to Bali in November of 2006. 
Upon arrival in her village, I Komang Wediantari fell into a depression she could not overcome. Her kindly grandfather, the village priest Mangku Bawe, saw her distress and grew increasingly concerned about her health and well being. He began to gently instruct her in chakra meditation and yoga. These disciplines struck a deep chord within her and became her springboard to a spiritual awakening. 
With this awakening, The Divine reached out to her and a direct connection was opened wide, welcoming her into The Divine Fellowship Circle. She was summoned to become a conduit to The Divine in order to spread an important message to the world, and she heeded the call. 
Thus this young girl, who had neither an interest in spiritual matters nor previous religious training, began to have frequent out-of-body and near death experiences, understandably shocking those around her. It was during an encounter with one of these near death states that she received her Divine Instruction and was told of her preordained path. 
From that time, she displayed exceptional skill in pewedaan (speaking the mantras in Sanskrit and other ancient languages), mudras (the sacred hand movements), and further complex religious rites, including tantric dancing and chanting. She was suddenly so accomplished in these ancient spiritual arts that the High Priests were called to see for themselves her many gifts.
Eventually in February 2007, near Ubud, Bali, she found a Nabe, a High Priest designated as a Master Teacher, who was willing to recommend her to be ordained as a High Priestess. After a painstaking process of spiritual examination and rigorous physical tests by The National Board of Ordination of The Hindu Dharma Association, her ordination was finally approved and she was awarded the title of High Priestess of Hindu Dharma.
So, truly a legend was born. At the age of 21, without formal study or training, I Komang Wediantari was directly instructed by The Divine, she needed only 21 days practicing intense meditations and the noetic process (self knowing or interior knowledge) to master the stringent requirements for her ordination. The arduous procedure to become a High Hindu Priest or Priestess generally takes up to three years or more and requires extreme training under the guidance of a Master Teacher.
The position of High Priest or Priestess is traditionally bestowed upon those more mature in age and with greater empirical experience and demonstrated wisdom. Additionally, this high place in the religious hierarchy is dominated by men and few women are able to achieve equal standing. Passing through these fires of spiritual commitment and exactitude, Ida Resi Alit was born.
In a monumental decision of historic significance, the board of The Hindu Dharma Association took only 20 minutes to ordain Ida Resi Alit. Now they fully realized who had been sent to them.
Maharesi Alit is fulfilling her destiny of spiritual healing and cleansing. She currently presides over many of the profound religious ceremonies throughout the beloved island of Bali and is revered for her sacred wisdom, knowledge and blessings.
Short version. 19 year old girl is looking for work, but can't even get an interview. She gets depressed about her situation. Her uncle is worried so he teaches her meditation and yoga. In her meditation, she kept hearing, in her language, "The Healer". She told her uncle, who told her to ignore it, because she's a girl, blah blah blah. Then while meditating she died, and from what I heard around here, for five hours had no breath. They prayed, "What do we do? How can we bring her back?" The answer they got was to allow her to be a Healer. They agreed and she woke up. After awakening she knew all the rituals, languages, etc, that she needed to know, without ever taking one lesson. This takes priests years to learn. From the moment she wakes up, to the moment she goes to sleep, she's in constant servitude. She cannot get married or have children, which was hard for her, but she made the decision to listen to this calling. Crazy story!

Why am I telling you this? Because I went to her temple, had a water purification ceremony preformed on me, and got to meet her.

We arrived at the temple and waited for the ceremony of "letting go" to begin. After waiting for about 30 minutes, this small, young, Indonesian girl came around the corner. She wore a beautiful silk blouse with crocheted patterns on the bottoms of her sleeves and back, a green skirt, and a yellow sash at her waist. I didn't realize that this was the High Priestess I was looking at. She was just so small, and young! The High Priestess nodded her head at us, and then walked up to a high platform to bless the water. Out of respect, we had to wear clothes with our shoulders covered, a sarong to cover our legs, and a sash around the waist. We all sat on our meditation pillows and closed our eyes. She sang for a good 45 minutes, blessing the water, lighting candles, throwing water, and praying to all the Gods. I peeked of course, to see all of this. It was a long 45 minutes to sit straight, but it was beautiful. We were paired up before we got there. I was with a cool Australian girl, Jacqui, and we were 3rd to go. When the first pair went up, I had already started to cry. It's such an emotional and beautiful ceremony to witness. She sits up high on a platform, with her blessed water, and guides us with her perfect English. When it was mine and Jacqui's turn, she advised us to let go of anything that was holding us back or not servicing us anymore, while pouring water on our heads. She encouraged us to not hold onto our tears. I'm pretty sure she was talking directly to me, as I had that huge lump in my throat, trying so hard not to just wail. She wasn't having any of that. She put her hand on my head, and said "let it out!!" and so.... I did. I cried and cried, and stomped my feet (which she told me to do too). Becky was there to, and she held my back, so that I didn't stomp myself into a circle. Our eyes are closed the entire time, as water is just pouring over you, cleaning out the bad. The water was cold, refreshing, but it was in bucket fulls. It was hard to breath at times.

When everyone had gone, Monique, Jenni, and I, all went again. We still felt that we were holding onto things, so we went a second time. We stomped, shook our arms, some yelled. I felt that lump in my throat still, so I cried and cried, and then... it was gone. I could feel my heart opening up to the sky. My arms went back and it felt like I was opening my heart to let love in, and also showing the world that I'm ready to love fully. Didn't I say this was deep? I wasn't lying. 

After the ceremony, we went to another mediation area and sat to meditate with the High Priestess. She touched us, sang, guided us. To be honest, I couldn't really meditate. I was too tired, and ... well hungry, duh!

I got a picture with her and we said our goodbyes. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 5-7 of detoxing

the after 30 part....

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 12:43 AM PST
Day seven. Half way point. The last two days were my hardest. I awoke on day five exhausted with a rash on my chest, a 14 year old face of acne, along with my chest and back, and two canker sores. I haven't had a canker sore since college (2001), when I used to get them during finals week, aka stress week. I was also nauseous yesterday morning and a bit homesick. Being away from everyone during Super Bowl was a bit hard for me. Super Bowl is like a holiday, and I felt like I was missing out. I was feeling so ill that I just laid on the couch and watched NFL updates on my phone, and read family texts coming in about the game. Later Lola asked how I was doing and I just broke down crying...not my finest moment, but understandable, I have no food in me!!! I had skipped my morning enema that morning, and she said "Ya know, I bet you anything, during tonight's enema you will have a big release because of these emotions." She was right. I let out mucoid plaque for the first time. Gross, slimy, green, long rope. It was so disgusting yet so satisfying. It felt like an adrenaline rush. I had a lot of energy afterwards, even danced in the shower.

Today I feel amazing, lots of energy and a good mood, but a gross taste in my mouth that won't go away. I brush my teeth about four times a day. Toxins are coming out through my skin and gums. My enema this morning was just as big as last night. I seriously wish I could weigh this stuff, because I'm betting that at least five to seven pounds has come out of me in just four enemas. It's rather disgusting to look at and smell, but really interesting!! I'm so glad I'm getting all that sh*t out!

Two days ago I had a one on one session with Lola about nutrition. I used to think that I ate somewhat healthy, but after going over my diet, Lola pointed that I'm really not getting enough nutrients. Wasa bread? There is nothing in that, and I was eating it everyday with "kind of" unprocessed Turkey. She gave me some great pointers, and showed me some awesome cook books. Guess this means I'm going to start cooking now on a regular basis. She also taught a nutritional workshop yesterday. It has been such an amazing learning experience here. Not just about my diet, but about what we NEED to be putting into our bodies, and what we should run away from. We go have sushi at a sushi place, but do we know where that sushi came from? Is it 1,000 miles away, or 50 miles away? Depending on that answer, could mean a parasite or two.

As a runner, I learned that I'm not even getting half of the amount of protein I need in a day. Her rule of thumb is 1gram of protein for every kilogram you weigh. That's about 63 grams of protein a day for me. (Use google to convert your weight in lbs to kg and you have your daily protein goal.) Most people think of meat when protein comes up, which is a complete protein. If you are only eating meat as your source of protein, that's probably not the best route, because meat is acidic and too much of it can cause cancer. You can make a complete protein with two incomplete proteins, which allows us to get the protein we need without eating so much meat. Grains & Legumes can make a complete protein, for example, tofu with vegetables, rice with lentils, pasta and chickpeas, dahl and rice. Nuts & seeds with legumes are another example of making a complete protein, such as, chickpeas and hummus, tofu and sesame.

How food digests in our body was another topic she addressed. Eating a steak right before dinner is not going to make your stomach feel nice in the morning. Your digestive system just can't handle all that meat. People who are doing enemas here, will find pieces of steak in their enema, like the same size piece that they put in their mouth (and apparently thought they chewed, but didn't!) Nothing happened to it, because your digestive system is saying "Woa!! This is too hard! Stop eating a half rack in one sitting!" She also suggests that a few days a week going completely vegetarian. My goal:
fish 3x's a week, chicken 1x a week, eggs 1x a week, red meat 1x a week, and vegetarian 1x a week.

Lola couldn't stress enough that you need to vary your diet. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, that includes healthy foods. I wrote about this in my past blog, but my diet is usually the same everyday. Hence the reason I am allergic to all my favorite foods. This is NOT permanent though, especially after this detox. I plan on having my blood tested again to analyze the difference.

Let's see. What else. There has been so much learning and activities! Yoga, sauna and cold baths (shock the system), group meditation, sun bathing, swimming, documentaries, and massages. This morning we went on a bike ride at six in the morning. The streets get busy about 7:30am, so we were trying to avoid the traffic by starting so early. The people here in Bali don't drive too fast, but they drive out of the lines, and kind of crazy, passing people, super close to other drivers, etc. The lanes are also tiny in some areas, mostly for the scooters, but cars will be on there taking up the entire road. In a way, it's kind of beautiful, like a dance, but I'm sure some people get their toes stepped on. Anyway, the bike ride was sooo stunning. Just beautiful. We saw 5-6 guys (14-16 year olds) butt naked bathing in a creek, and well.. having a good time! They were laughing loud, and splashing water at each other. It was quiet foreign actually. Not even two minutes later we passed a woman holding her sarong up and squatting to either pee or poop in another creek (or maybe the same one?) I saw an elderly woman blessing her home. They bless their home three times a week, and hand make baskets with offerings to the Gods. Most of the offerings are the most they can afford, like flowers, and crackers. (See picture below). Rice paddies, mountains in the distance, markets, temples, school kids in their uniforms, stray dogs, green, green, green. It was a lovely morning.

Our workshop today was on Conscious Cleaning, meaning what we believe will become true. We can have 10 people look at an illusion, and all have different experiences. That's because all of us are different, with different back grounds, and different beliefs. We cannot see the world as it is. We can only see the world as we are, meaning we can only see the world the way we know how from our beliefs and experiences. Our bodies are incredible when it comes to belief. Our cells have memory. For example, if we think of an experience 10 years ago that we felt a lot of shame from, and as we think about that situation or event happening, our bodies will start feeling that shame all over again. Why does it do that? Because our cells remember that feeling and thinks we are having a shameful experience right now!! Not ten years ago. Some documentaries she suggested to watch are "What the Bleep Do We Know", or "Placebo: Mind Over Medicine" (spendy one, hard to find, but maybe used on amazon?)

I'll leave you with one thought to ponder. Have you ever heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto "Water, Consciousness, and Intent"? (Youtube it). In a not-so-detailed synopsis. He took water, and put some in one jar and the rest in another. The first jar he said the most loving things to it, and thought of memories of loving times, and shared his joy with the water. The second jar, he would tell hateful things to it, negative memories, and angry words. He then took some of the water out of each jar, and put it under a microscope. The water he loved, was gorgeous, symmetrical, full of color, radiating joy. The water he was negative too, had no symmetry and looked like vomit. Becky, the host, pointed out that WE ARE 80% WATER! What are we telling ourselves! Our inner critic is our worst critic. Start loving yourself, have compassion for others, and believe that good things will happen. Thoughts become things folks, choose the good ones!

These kind of offerings are everywhere, sidewalks, outside homes, in homes, in cars, EVERYWHERE!
Sunrise with Bali mountains
A temple
Behind me a mediation cave that was carved out in the 12th century. I can't remember the man who carved it out, but legend says he did it with his finger nails, which is why you sometimes see Indonesians have one or two long finger nails, that and for Balinese Dancing.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

What is happening in my body?

As most of you know, I do not get squirmy when it comes to matters of the body. However, what happened yesterday was disgusting. Why was it disgusting? I'll tell you a bit later in this long blog about digestion. We had a workshop on the colon, what we are trying to do while we are here, how toxins hurt our digestive system and how to do the enema. Let me just say that I hope that everyone is able to do a cleanse at least once in their lifetime. This retreat I'm doing is the most intense and full on cleanses one can do for themselves. I'm 99% sure, by the end of the retreat, that all my digestive problems and, hopefully, my esophagus issues will be cured. I'm going to be much lighter, have more energy, clearer skin, and be glowing. They did take a before picture, and will take an after pic so I can prove it.

So what is it we are doing? Listen up folks, because this is good stuff. If you want to skip all the details and get the gist, scroll down to bottom where the text gets big.

Our digestive system starts with smell. We smell a pie baking, or see the food and smell it under our nose. The digestive system has now kicked in, and our mouths salivate, creating enzymes that break down our food in our mouth. The most important thing when trying to digest our food properly is to SLOOOOW DOWN, and CHEW your food. 20 chews per bite to be exact. This allows us to break down our food so that in our stomach the acids help digests it easier. When we start eating, our stomach produces a gastric acid called Hydrochloric acid, HCL. Many people are deficient in HCL, because of many factors. One could be not chewing your food properly, another could be fast food diets, or prescription drugs. There is an interesting article on HCL here. Another reason for a depleted HCL is heart burn. People with heart burn don't have a lot of this acid (this would be me) because they aren't chewing enough. The bigger the pieces of food are in our stomach, the more the HCL is working, and then depleted, and then HEART BURN! I eat my lunches sometimes in less than five minutes. I even choked on half a strawberry because I didn't chew it, and it got lodged in my throat. Lexy, from Ketchikan, was there to save me with the Heimlich, scary stuff. If you, or anyone you know is suffering from heart burn, and you want to try to heal your gut without going to a retreat, you can at least start by drinking 1/2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 2 tsp of water in the morning. It will help your HCL levels get back to normal. If you follow a raw diet, or meat diet, it's something you should add, because raw foods, and meat are hard to digest. But remember, chew your food kids... its the best thing you can do for your digestive system.

After you have chewed your food and all those tiny chewed up pieces are in your tummy, they start to get broken down. The magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. get absorbed in your blood stream by traveling through the cellular walls of our intestines. Think of cellular walls as perfect blocks, with no holes or leaks, on top of each other, like legos, but spongy. The nutrients goes through the cells into our blood stream, BUT if we are eating something toxic to our bodies, if that's dairy for you, or sugar, or McDonalds, over time those cellular walls break down and mucous is produced. If we were to vary our diet more, this wouldn't happen as often. We tend to walk into the grocery store, pick all our favorites, and walk out. I ate eggs, peanut butter, and toast almost everyday for years. Guess what my system is refusing to digest; eggs, peanuts, and yeast. Those don't seem toxic at all, but after six plus years of eating the same thing, my body is saying, "woa, lady, eat something else!" The mucous that is produced from those toxins, will act like a cut on the arm, it will be soft at first, but then it turns into a scab. As you continue to eat the same foods everyday that are hurting you, that scab is like tar on your cellular wall. It doesn't scrape off that easily. How is the nutrients supposed to get through the walls now with a big mucous scab covering it? No wonder we are all sick. None of our food is nourishing us the way we think it's going to.

So in a nutshell: Person eats bad food, bad food creates mucous, over time that turns into a scab. No nutrients get through cellar walls because of mucous scab, and then person gets sick because no nutrients.

Our end goal here at NIH is to remove the mucous from our walls. We drink four detox drinks a day. We also do two enemas a day. What is in the shakes are Bentonite Clay, which absorbs everything, such as, toxins, mucous, crap, even medicine, and also in the shakes is Psyllium Husk, which helps us feel full, as well as grabbing toxins and putting all the crap together like matter. To make them drinkable, they add a little bit of juice, and coconut water. The enema helps to flush all that matter out. If you want to see what that stuff looks like, just google Mucoid Plaque. It usually always is like a rope, you can't break it, and it smells horrific. If you haven't ever done a cleanse and grew up not eating the best foods for you, you're gonna have it coming out of you, but it will take time. That is why I am here for 14 days, getting rid of mucoid plaque and parasites.

Which brings me to the topic of parasites. Many have asked how this zapping works. It's a small device that you attach to both your wrists. Seven minutes it zaps your body, and then 20 minutes of nothing. This happens for an hour. The zaps don't kill the parasites, but it's enough to get them out of their little hiding places and close to the matter that the Psyllium and clay are making. The host Lola, during her first cleanse, didn't have any parasites the entire time she cleansed until the last day when she did her colon cleanse, a big 6 inch worm came out. um, YUCK!
Zapping at 5 am!

Many people think mucoid plaque and parasites are a hoax. Many professional doctors too. And those doctors are probably funded by Pepto, or some other digestive drug. It's just like kidney stones, or gall stones, some people get them, some don't, but that doesn't make it a hoax. Did you know that almost all medical programs at universities to become a doctor don't have one nutrition class, and if they do, it's an elective?! It's true! That to me speaks volumes. If you go to the doctor for a disease, or medical problem, and they don't ask you what you have been eating, go to another doctor.

So enema time, the fun part. When we are doing the enemas, also later the colonoscopy, and Liver flush, not only are we making ourselves squeaky clean, but emotions will come out. Lola talked about how when you hold on to something, resentment or anger, it will be released too. You might cry, you might feel lighter, you might feel relieved. If someone is holding onto a lot, they probably are experiencing constipation as well. Also the expression, "listen to your gut" makes sense to me because our gut is like our brain in health. Whenever I'm stressed or in a bad situation, my gut gets upset, and it lets me know by the pains it gives me. I had a friend who was dating, and every boy she dated she was constipated, but then when she met her husband, she could poop with ease. They are happily married couple, living in Alaska, and pooping comfortably.

Okay, so back to the disgusting part of my day. I did an enema. This consists of sticking a tube up your b-hole and allowing a bag of water to flow in. Then for 5 - 15 minutes, you jump around and massage your stomach to get things moving and agitated in the intestines. That is the hard part. You know that feeling when you HAVE to go, most commonly called Irritable Bowl Syndrome. You get hot, and your stomach cramps, you have the chills, and you run to the toilet. Well that's what it feels like, except you have to at least try to get to five minutes. I did exactly five. And what came out of me was the most horrific glob of green goo I have ever seen. You put a colander in the toilet to catch it, to analyze it, etc., and the colander was full. My stomach felt sick for a good hour afterward, and they said that it will eventually go away the more I get the crap out. I did take a picture, but it's too disgusting to show. No mucoid plaque came out that I could see, but it was still pretty nasty!

Here are a few pictures of the retreat location:

Commons room
TV, Library in commons rooms
This is the main walk way to everything!
Yoga and Meditation Hut

Friday, January 30, 2015

Bali experience

Bali isn't quiet. Ever. Even in the middle of the night, which is a vast difference than Alaska life, where one small hike can put you in a place of no noise. I remember hiking with my Spaniard friend, Marcos, in Skagway to lower lake, a few years ago. He stopped and put his hands up, eye brows raised, and said "Cole, stop, LISTEN!" I immediately thought he heard a wild animal, or some weird bird call. But then he said "It's soooo quiet! You can't hear anything!" For me, that is the way I grew up, but apparently, in other parts of the world, quiet is a luxury.

I thought the noise would be a problem for me, but I am surprisingly enjoying it. Every morning I have a team outside of mostly critters, birds, and roosters, buzzing, tweeting and crowing me out of bed. The rooster is the real eye opener at 4:30 am "Cock a doodle your butt out of bed Cole Doooo"! There is, however, one beetle that is the worst sound ever. It's like having tinnitus, except for it's on the loud speaker and 100 times more annoying. It sounds like some electrical problem, high frequency... and he will buzz for hours, and then pause, making everyone sigh of relief, until 5 seconds later, he starts up again. Other than the beetle, I enjoy the rest of the noise... water flowing, King Fishers calling, other birds I can't identify tweeting, rooster's crowing, etc.

Bali is also plush. Green everywhere. It's their rainy season right now, so we are getting a lot of thunder and tropical rain storms. The retreat's (NIH) atmosphere is more than ideal. I am currently in the commons room, that has no walls, watching the ducks play. Every once and a while I see a Tokay Gecko, which is about the size of a small crocodile. It is more afraid of me than I am of him, but he will crawl around from time to time, jump in the pool, swim, and then go back to his home. NIH has a yoga hut area, meditation room, kitchen, pool, and commons area, which consists of a family size dinner table, bean bags, library, couches, TV and movies. Every area is open air... nothing has a door that shuts behind us and encloses us except our bedrooms. My room is pretty much the most perfect room ever. I have doors that open to a balcony, a writing desk, big closet, large bathroom with a tub, and a bed up on a platform that has a mosquito net. Bali also has a lot of ants, and because everything here doesn't really have walls, ants are everywhere... so don't get too jealous of my adventure haha!

Fasting started yesterday. Today we will get to learn what exactly we are drinking and how it detoxifies us. We also will learn how to do the enemas on ourselves. This part makes me nervous. Not only on how to do them, but what is going to come out of me. They told us that some people would find marbles coming out, or kids toys, that they had swallowed as children. Yikes! I haven't decided yet if I want to share that experience with you all on the blog. It doesn't gross me out one bit, but I know a lot of people share a different opinion than mine when it comes to gross things. I'm mostly curious if I find a parasite. That I will definitely photograph, but most likely will email to those who want to see, and not post on the blog.

I attached a few pictures below of Bali, but the only way I can get them to upload is if I Instagram them first, so many of you have already seen them. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday night!! Don't get too crazy Seattle friends at the Gold Party!! And I want to see lots of pictures!!
The women in Bali do all the hard labor, carrying heavy items on their heads.
Oldest Spa in Ubud, Bali

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Natural Instinct Healing

Detoxing is hard. It's day two here of smoothies and broths, which is our transition into the 10 day fasting detox. I'm grateful for these two days. It has allowed us to start shrinking our stomachs, and going through the emotions of not putting food in our mouths. I can't imagine just going straight into the fast. The daily schedule also keeps us busy, so that we aren't thinking so much of how hungry we are. Today has been lovely, but not easy. The day started for me at 5:30am. Yes... I know, big SHOCK here, but I attribute it to the rooster next to my room and jet lag. I meditated and read until the scheduled events started at 8 am. 
  • 8am Juice & activated B tablet
  • 8:30am Walk through the rice paddies (exercise)
  • 10am Liquid Breakfast - Papaya smoothie
  • Dry skin brushing
  • 11am Sauna/steam and cold baths - Get super hot, and then dip yourself in cold water. 
  • 1pm Liquid Lunch (Pineapple and cucumber frothy drink)
  • 2pm Massage
  • Parasite Zapping - This is pretty awesome, but also disgusting. Basically we are killing the parasites in our system and then later going to see them come out of us. The process doesn't hurt and it takes an hour. After doing the zapping every day for a week, or more, you'll start to see the results, or not. Everyone is different. One host said she had a six inch worm come out of her. Ewwwwww!!! Don't worry, I'll take pictures.
  • 3pm Coconut Water (optional)
  • 4:30pm Juice
  • 5:30pm Meditation
  • 6pm Liquid Dinner
  • 7:30pm Digestive Tablet 
You also need to drink two or more liters of water, one cup of the tea of the day, one cup of this water they put stuff? in, 10 minutes of breath awareness, self reflect and meditation, and a few personal things that are different for each person here.
Not so bad, right?
Tomorrow is where things will get interesting. Here is what an average day of the fasting will look like.
  • 7am Detox Shake and Enema - When I say shake, it's not a smoothie. It's a bad tasting, bentonite clay drink, with psyllium husk, little bit coconut water and juice (very little).
  • 8:30am Detox herbs (droplets) and exercise (usually yoga, rice paddy walks, swimming)
  • 10am Detox Shake
  • 10:30am - Some days we have a workshop at this time.
  • Dry Skin Brushing
  • 11:30 Detox Herbs
  • 1pm Detox Shake
  • 1:30pm Parasite Zapping
  • 2:30pm Detox Herbs
  • 10 minutes of Breath Awareness
  • 3pm Massage (not everyday)
  • 4pm Detox Shake and Enema
  • 4:30pm One on One session with specialists (Reiki, diet guide, energy work, etc.)
  • 6pm Detox Herbs & Broth
  • 7pm Documentary (not every night)
  • 7:30 Detox Shake (optional) and Detox Tablet
Workshops include: Colonic & Digestive System, Nutrition, Break Fast, Raw Food Kitchen Class
We also have the option to nap, watch movies, sit by the pool (although its been raining everyday), play games, etc. The hosts, Lola and Becky, have really made it feel like our home for the next two weeks.
Pictures have been taken, but getting them to upload to the ipad, or blog, either takes an hour, or fails.  So I'm sorry there isn't much here. This is rice paddies in their off season. They have a water system that isn't used anywhere else in the world. Small canals deliver water from temples of Bali, blessed by the priesthood. The water system is called Subak, and you can read about it here. But in a nutshell, water flows to all the farms, and when the farmer doesn't need anymore water, he/she puts mud to block off the ever flowing water. Woman and men work in the rice fields. Women, however, do most of the hard labor. If there is a project that needs rocks, women carry them on their head. Lola, one of the hosts, saw a women carrying a full sized dining table with four chairs on the top, all on her head. Craziness.


Everyone rides scooters here. Everyone! They also drive on the other side of the street than the USA. They honk a lot, don't go too fast, and never stay in the lines. Crossing the street is scary especially since I keep looking left, instead of right. *gulp

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bali, Indonesia Retreat Adventure - Travel Days

First flight of 12 and a half hours went surprisingly fast. I watched two movies, took a five hour nap, and visited with the passenger next to me, who is a fruit broker (is that such a thing?). My layover was four hours in the Tawain airport, which is equivilent to Hello Kittyville... or duty free and snobby rich boutiques. Second flight was five hours, in which I watched Gone Girl Gone, and then immediately wished I had chosen Frozen instead.
Before this retreat I was provided with a pre-fast information to help acclimate to a sugar free diet. I did the exact opposite of what the pamphlet said. Instead of eating an alkaline diet (avoiding meat, alcohol, processed food, caffiene, sweets, etc), I drank chai teas, ate cake pops, bought cookies for the plane, ate red meat, and drank wine (it was free, how could I resist?) all the way up until I got to the gate. Literally, I was shoving a cookie into my mouth as we pulled into the driveway. You have to understand that sugar is my crutch, vice, drug, whatever you want to call it. We have had a long, loving, not-so-loving relationship, sometimes making me feel super good, and then usually making me feel super bad. The one time I went off sugar, I actually made it for about two weeks, then broke down and had a Starbucks Frappuccino (aka 57 grams of sugar!!!!!), and immediatly felt dizzy and sick. Did that stop me? Nope. I do have to say though, that I really don't eat a ton of sugar, compared to the average American. I don't drink soda, juice, or mow down chocolate bars on a daily basis. But the little sugar that I do eat, is still too much sugar. I know sugar is bad for me. I know that is why my waist line isn't my best feature. I know that it's toxicity on the liver is just as bad as alcohol. But... I eat it anyway. Isn't that the second sign of addiction, using despite the consequences, denial being the first?
I chose to go to this retreat not just for detoxing sugar, but because I have had a handful of health problems with my esophagus and stomach. Five years ago I was told I had a hiatal hernia (stomach is pushing up into my esophagus causing heart burn). I was given a Rx, which I never picked up, and instead avoided the five foods that were too acidic and caused heart burn for me; tomatoes, almonds, bananas, avocados, & apples. That lasted 4 1/2 years, up until last summer, when I was getting heart burn just sitting there, eating nothing. I had to sleep sitting up, would vomit almost nightly, and it hurt. I also felt my stomach in my esophogus. I would drink hot water and jump up and down until the stomach would fall back down. Everytime I ate something, I could feel my esophogus swelling. No bueno. I flew back to Seattle, had an endoscopy, and was told I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis.


Exactly. Here is what wikipedia says:
Eosinophilic esophagitis (eosinophilic oesophagitis), also known as allergic oesophagitis, is an allergic inflammatory condition of the esophagus that involves eosinophils, a type of white blood cell. Symptoms are swallowing difficulty, food impaction, and heartburn.
Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) was first described in children but also occurs in adults. The condition is not well understood, but food allergy may play a significant role. The treatment may consist of medication to suppress the immune response, but in severe cases it may be necessary to stretch the esophagus with an endoscopy procedure.
After prick tests (about 30 on my back) and two blood tests, I was told that I had an allergy to the following: Dairy (all milk/cheese product), eggs (WHY GOD WHY?!?!), peanuts and all treenuts, and yeast (brewers and bakers). This means, no bread (sandwiches, buns, toast, etc.), no beer, no omlettes, no almonds, no peanut butter, no cashews (my favorite!!), no cheese, no baked goods with eggs, no massaman cury from Starfire....

Excuse me as I take a moment of silence for the last one.......

...and now I'm that annoying friend to go out to eat with. "Yeah I'll just have some lettuce, sans everything else!" But, here's the catch, all these tests are inconclusive. None of them are 100% accurate, and to really figure out what I'm allergic to, an elimination diet is the answer.

So here I am. Bali. Starting a 14 day detoxification cleanse, with colon enemas and all. I'll cleanse the system and slowly bring back in foods and see how I feel. Two days of supercleanse, which includes smoothies, and broth.  10 days of liquid fasting, to two more days of bringing food back in to my diet. Massages, yoga, mediation, classes/workshops, hikes, sun, sleep.... here I go.