Sunday, May 29, 2011

Master Michelle Meredith & Master Stefan Hovik

I'M SO PROUD!  My baby sister, Michelle, graduated with her Masters in Recreation from the college of Education, and Stefan, her fiancée, graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. 6 years and they are done done done!  After their graduation, they packed up the Uhaul and left Moscow to live in my Kent Condo until after their wedding.  Stefan got a job with Boeing working as a mechanical engineer and Michelle is currently planning their wedding (June 25th) and job seeking in the south Seattle area.  Congratulations you two!!!  
Michelle walking to her seat!
Stefan after being hooded.
Michelle and I after the ceremony (I got sun burned!)
Michelle and Stefan walking off campus together.
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Barbie Hull said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It looked like an amazing day!!

Alisa said...

Moscow, ID? My friend, Brooke, taught badminton there...she is a Canadian champ, and her hubby (Lowry is the last name) is a Professor of Engineering (specifically transportation). Any chance they'd know each other?

Michelle Meredith said...

Alisa - While Moscow is super small, I don't think we know these people... :( I just checked online and it says that Dr. Lowry works in the civil engineering dept. Stefan worked in the mechanical engineering dept so thats why he doesn't know him. And for Brooke, I don't think I know her either. I worked at the rec center for 3 years, but all the PE instructors work out of the PEB building. :( Thanks for asking!