Friday, November 22, 2013

Workation 2013

When Barbie asked if I wanted to go away for three days to a cabin in the mountains with the girls, drink wine, hot tub, work during the day, and giggle, my reaction was similar to a teenage girl excited about a boy band in the mid 90's. No really, I jumped up and down and squealed! Working from home the last two months in utter seclusion, I often found myself chatting to Max, or watching TV shows incessantly on my ipad, just to hear conversation. Totes the truth. Plus who doesn't want to spend four days in the woods with a bunch of silly girls, bonding, and making hilarious memories.
Megan Keller, Krista Simons, Laura Marchbanks, Barbie Hull, Kelli Bielem and I (all business owners) drove to Cle Elum for a four day workation #twerkation, #operationfatpants. We rented a cabin, with a cozy wood stove, five beds and an out door hot tub.  Fully stocked with bottles of red wine, champagne, Fireball, cheese filled hot dogs, chips, and lots of chocolate, we drove up the mountain and set camp.
We woke early every morning, worked diligently, starting drinking at noon religiously, enjoyed afternoon walks, and went in the hot tub nightly.
The cozy cabin

Megan, Krista, Laura and Barbie

Sweet Max

Cole, Max, Megan and Barbie on a walk.  Laura took the picture.

The Brick Saloon, Roslyn, WA

Laura, Kelli, Krista, Me, & Barbie at The Brick Saloon

Barbie, Laura, Krista, Kelli, Megan and I at Swiftwater Cellars


PS. This made us laugh all week.


Mustofa said...

Nice photos.....

Barbie Hull said...

We had SOOOOO much fun and I really hope we all get to go do it again next year!!! XOXOXO

Michelle Loretta said...

Ummmmmm... I want in next year!!!!! This looks like so much fun!!!