Friday, January 27, 2017

Natural Instinct Healing 10 day detox: Day 1

It's been a minute. I've been busy. So busy, that I stopped blogging, and doing all other lovely creative things I once enjoyed doing (dance, gardening, studying Spanish, map art, etc). Why so busy? I opened a second store in Skagway, and running the two has consumed me, along with just trying to have a life. But I'm back in Bali, for some much needed ME time, and for my 3rd detox. I didn't plan on blogging the experience. I haven't even thought of my blog in years. But here I am, spontaneously at my computer, in the Manipura room at Natural Instinct healing, Ubud, Bali, listening to a rain storm, and about to share some gross and fascinating details of my next ten days.

*NOTE: I have detox brain, so I'm sorry if my grammar makes no sense.

*WARNING: Before you read the next ten days, know that I talk about poop a LOT!  If you don't mind poo, or enema stories, carry on, if not, abort this blog ASAP!

Day 1 of a 10 day detox

I woke at 4 am with stomach pains that I know all too well. Whatever I ate last night wanted out, and it wanted out NOW! I struggled hastily with my mosquito net, the pitch black room, and stubbed my toe on the bathroom corner. I felt crampy too. Great, Aunt Flow followed me to Bali.

This day is starting out AWESOME!!!

My digestion had been above par the last few days, until this morning. What sucked about this particular incident was that I plugged the toilet, even before I wiped. If there was an award for the biggest shits, I swear to you I would win the gold medal every time. Where does it all come from?!? I have to give some credit to this particular blowout to my period. Ladies, am I right? Why is period poo so alarmingly HUGE? Gross.

*I know what you are thinking, but I did warn you. Carrying on....

Today I can't eat food, but I knew I needed some kind of juice, or the exorcist was going to come out. My intake wasn't until 9 am. So I ventured to Soma, closed. Tree of Life, closed. Back to Bali Bunda by 6 am, exhausted, tummy grumbling, and about to kill anyone who said "closed".  They were barely open, but said I could have only liquids. Perfect. I emptied two cups of almond milk with turmeric, and a detox juice, down my throat, and walked my sweaty, crampy body back to the retreat center.

Intake with Lola went really well.  We discussed goals for this detox, which are similar to my new years resolutions: MOVE.

Move my mind in creative ways.
Move my body to fitness joy.
Move my heart to love... myself, and in a healthy relationship.
Move my business into success (yes, I brought my damn work here to Bali.)
Move my inner child to play more!  PLAY is so important!

But my main focus, of course, is ME. Finding my focus. Find my inner strength. Reset, Recharge, Rejuvenate.

I wake up every morning in the states, look at Face Book, the news, my emails, all telling me HORRIBLE things that D. Lump is doing and it starts my day feeling already defeated. Before I even get out of bed, I feel hopeless, scared, and wanting to scream. This isn't working for me, nor anyone. I read this article the other day, and anyone feeling like they are going insane because of him, should read it. It helped me make a plan. A course of action. A way to step back and to reduce the anxiety of our douche bag president. Yep, I said that. Maybe he will tweet about it. "Loser blonde called me a bad bad name. Bad writing, bad blogger, I mean really really bad! Horrible girl, Just horrible! Wrong!"


Anyhoo....detoxing always helps me feel mentally more clear, emotionally more happy, and physically ready to take anything on. It also is imperative for my dumb food allergies. I still have the Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), and detoxing helped me gain control of what foods trigger reactions. I am researching histamine intolerance while here, as another fellow EoE blogger said it helped him immensely. That's all for day 1.

ps. I'm already hungry.

Arjuna Statue near NIH
Last lunch at Soma on Thursday. Tower of Power: Jicama,
purple potato, pineapple, sweet potato, & onion
Butterflies are every where!  (See globalcole on instagram for pics)
Tropical Rain Storm
I haven't eaten traditional Indonesian Food while here,
but ya'll ask what it's like so I took a pic of a menu.

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