Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad weather is such a jerk sometimes....

The weather in Skagway has been nothing but gorgeous the last month.  June 23rd, however, I woke, cheerful and excited for my trip... but then I opened my door and stepped outside and instantly my heart sunk.  The clouds were so low you couldn't even see lower lake mountain side.  Of all days, the day I was planning on flying to Italy, Skagway decides to get socked in.  Booo hooo!!
I missed all my connections and after a long day of crying on the phone and begging expedia reps, I got no mercy.  (Expedia is the DEVIL!!!)  I finally got some love from Delta (although they did charge me my first born child) but was able to get re-booked the next morning.  Air excursions got me out to Juneau on time to catch the last flight to Seattle (they also ripped my bag, which I demanded the replace and they agreed!)  Geez... what a day!!
After I arrived in Seattle, Francis Fields, who is staying in my condo this month, graciously came and picked me up so that I could get three good hours of sleep in my own home instead of on the airport floor.  4 am, rise and shine and I was back at the airport heading to New York.  Flight arrived late to New York due to weather, and also a scare call at the gate, as some man left a box behind and made everyone run around the airport screaming frantically that there was a bomb (ok, actually it was just one woman freaking out, but seriously, i felt like i was in a comedy!)
Finally our flight leaves to Italy and I feel relief.  Has anyone ever flown Delta?  I really have no complaints, except one.  The complaint is this:  DING....DING...........................DING.............................DING.
What is DING you ask?  This is the sound that occurs when someone hits their call button to get a flight attendants attention.  The stupid thing about Delta flights is that the call button is down by your leg, and if someone wiggles in their seat, or is larger than their seat, they are constantly hitting it with their outer thigh... making the call button DING noise go off every time it gets hit.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that it went off 23 times in one minute.  23!!!!!!  i finally asked why the ding noise was happening and the flight attendant sounded more annoyed than me...  she explained the location of the call button and also told me she hates it too as it wakes everyone up!  geez... louise!

So I'm finally in Rome, arriving at 8:30am.  I catch my train to the meeting spot to meet Rosie and Kyra, as well as our couch surfing hosts.  They are the nicest couple in all of Italy!!  They have the cutest little house on the outside of Rome, with a gorgeous back yard.  She has an apricot tree and we get to eat as many apricots as we want everday!!  We also have the entire upstairs... our own bathroom and each have a bed to sleep on!!  Have I mentioned that couch surfing is for free!?!?!  Aurora also drops us off at the metro in the morning and picks us up in the evening.  Such nice people!!

I can't upload pictures right now, as I am using my hosts lap top, but I will when I can.  Today we visited the colosseum and the Forum.  All very hold historical sites.  The  Colosseum was amazing.  Its so crazy to think that once upon a time, they killed people for a sport in this place.  They would use their slaves to have a "show", with a parade to display them, and then stick them in the colosseum and watch animals hunt them down to die.  Its just sick!!  The forum was amazing.  Such old buildings showing where Rome once was.  All the old buildings are barely standing, but it was just awesome... and the palace areas were HUGE!!  I will post pictures when I can.

I am exhausted and ready for bed, but knew I needed to blog and let you all know I'm alive and safe!  I'll try and write when I can and hopefully get some pictures up by tomorrow night!!


Alisa and Jared said...

Holy cow! What an ordeal! I'm SOOO glad you're there, enjoying some sun (as opposed to the alternative in Skagway right now!!), and HOW COOL IS COUCHSURFING?!! I've never heard of it!! Amaaaazing!!

So...yeah...have a blast!! Can't wait to see photos, and read more updates!

Christy said...

Oh my, what a trip. I'm glad you're there and things are looking up! BTW, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were on Oprah today talking about their new movie and they showed some behind the scenes video of them filming in Cadez, it made me think of you. Hugs!

susan wall said...

Hey Sweety - WOW, don't you just hate it when your flight(s) get totally messed up?? Our Hawaii trip started that way, some ass called in a bomb threat to the airport the day we were leaving for Seattle-LA-Hawaii. So happy you are there and that couch potatoe thingy is just way cool!! And it sounds like you got hooked up with really nice people. Yea, that ding, ding, ding thing would have drove me mad! Your pics are great, Maura has been to Rome and the buildings there are just unbelieveable!! Love the one where you threw your coin in the fountain. Give Rosie big hug from me and you know I am thinking of you the whole time you are gone. Going to lunch with your mom and Michelle tomorrow, couldn't go today, 2 staff are out and I need to be around here all day. Hope you and Rosie have a ton of fun on the 4th of July, hee hee!!
Love you with all I got kiddo!!
xoxoxo Sue