Saturday, February 11, 2012

The World On Canvas

Lately I have been wanting to do artsy projects, call myself artsy, and hope people believe I really am... artsy.  Pinterest has been amazing, in that I can find fun and easy home projects, pin them to my craft board, and then attack them when I have a free day.  Well today was 'do something creative with a map' day. I have always wanted a world map in my home, but I hate using thumb tacks, and who wants to have a poster continuously falling down because the sticky putty you are using is useless. (Ahem, Marcos, I'm talking to you.) And because I want a GIANT world map, buying a frame for it is out of the question, as they are too expensive. Luckily, I found this project by Creative Juices Decor on Deedra's pinterest board.  Canvases and Mod Podge?  I'm in. I bought a brand new, though antique looking, world map at Barnes and Nobles and went to work.
Seven hours later, with a sore neck, glued fingers, a trip back to the book store for a replacement map, I finished my work.
This is the map I used.
On the Creative Juices Decor blog, the artist traced out the canvases to mark where to cut on the map, but I had issues with the tracing.  I did this with the first map, but found that my lines were all over the place, and when I cut out the first 8 x 10, I realized that I would be cutting out parts of the map if I continued cutting where I drew lines. My canvases were super cheap and all a little different, even though they were officially 8x10's, and 16x20's, but I'm sure this was part of the problem.  I'm a perfectionist and needed exact measurements.  So instead, I measured the top of the canvas where I would want the map to lay and then using those measurements, made lines of where to cut on the map.

Measuring where the map would lay.
Using a ruler, drawing lines showing where to
cut from those measurements

Just like the original artist, I spray painted
 the sides and antiqued the edges.
While the spray paint dried, I cut up the map.
I used Photo Mounting Spray,
and ended up only using the Mod Podge
 on the left, for paper, matte finish.
I glued on the maps using the Photo Mount Spray, and
pressed them onto the canvases.
Once I glued the map to the canvas, I put a layer of Mod Podge over it.  I found that the paper bubbled really bad. I almost panicked until I found that the photo mounting spray really is not that sticky and I was able to pull up the map and then flatten it back down.  This was the hardest and longest part of this project.  First mod podging, then pulling the map back up, flattening it out again and mod podging more. (Is mod podging a word?)  I had glue all over my fingers, but this process seemed to really help the bubbling.  I had noticed a comment on the Creative Juices Decor blog where someone had that same problem.  I think with a laminated map or any non paper map, you wouldn't have the bubbling.
This finished Product.
This will go in my hallway in Skagway.
I took some pictures this morning of it in the light.  I also noticed that it needs another layer of Mod Podge!

Thank you to Creative Juices Decor for your awesome creativity and ideas!  I am so thankful for your "artsy" brain.....cause lets be honest, I am not artsy.

UPDATE:  I am back in Skagway and it's up on the wall!!
TA DAH!!!!!


Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

Oh my word, Seriously, that is SOOOO pretty!!! I love the colors on the map you chose. Now I just can't wait to see a picture of it in daylight or at least some sun on it (LOL) on your wall! I hope you find the perfect spot. Excellent job! I'll have to show my readers on some post coming up if that's alright with you......

Nicholle said...

Of course!! I added some pictures of it in the light. I'm also planning on giving it another layer of Mod Podge!! Thanks so much again for your creativity! I'm so excited to hang this up in my Alaskan home (which won't be until late March!)

Susan Stevenson said...

I love that! The map is gorgeous. I can see how much work you put into it. But what a lovely end result.

Thank you for sharing!

Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

oh man! on the wall it looks AMAZING! Can I show my readers? I love it. Very fun map too. I'm so happy you took the time to show me what you did......

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what color paint you used to paint the edges and antique it?? I would love to make one of these for my son's aviation room!!

amariej5 said...

I am so glad that you are a perfectionist as I am as well! I kept seeing all these DIY canvas wall maps but was scared about what sizes of my canvas and the measurements. Your blog makes me feel more at ease about venturing back to the store tomorrow. Looks beautiful and I hope mine turns out just as well!

Laura Cristina said...

What canvas measurements did you use? I have this same map and i was looking at using canvases and i saw your picture on pinterest!! i love your layout! :)

Nicholle said...

Laura, I used 2 16x20's and 10 8x10's canvases. :) good luck!!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. I hope you don't mind, but I am totally stealing this idea and putting it in my kitchen. I want my kids to know where the countries are!

By the way, what color spray paint did you use?

Thank you for sharing!

Nicholle said...

I used a tan color.... something to brown the edges but not too dark. I don't have the bottle anymore, so I couldn't tell you the exact color I used.

Poonam Desai Moharil said...

I love how you have done this project I have been wanting to do it myself! Can you please tell me which map was this I have been looking for it but was unable to find it!

Anonymous said...

Poonam, it looks like the Rand McNally classic world map.

Anonymous said...

This map is amazing and I would love to do it myself. I was wondering how the map is now? Does it still bubble up ? Would you suggest laminating it first or would this take away from the antiqueness of the world map? Thank you so much!!!!

Nicholle said...

Hello Anonymous,

It did bubble a little, but nothing too bad. I wouldn't suggest laminating it first.... Mod Podge doesn't work well over laminate. My first attempt was with a map that had a tiny bit of laminate to it, and it didn't work at all!! You can always mod podge the bubbles back down over time if needed. But again, my map is still hanging and I get compliments on it all the time!

Ali said...

Wow is just the simple word that may explain that how much I liked it. It was nicely stuffed with the material I was looking for. It is great to be here though by chance.
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