About Me

music is my friend, it lifts my spirits and makes me happy. i love warm places..should have been born south of the border, although i still love my home state of Alaska. i'm a sucker for pretty things.  fall and it's gorgeous leaves, cold clear days, comfortable places, books, warm chai's, burts bees, my bed, the color purple, spanish, healthy yummy food and movement are a few of my favorite things. it's hard for me to sit still unless i am doing at least two things at once. i'm a "busy bee", a lover, a night owl, a realist, particular, wander-lust traveler, and value time. i have the best girlfriends in the world who i love more than water and air... i work hard for seven months in Alaska, and play the other five. i'm a lucky girl, free, and grateful. the entire sliding doors feeling comes to my mind sometimes...the what if? every second, every decision, every step, determining your path. as i think of this, i giggle, and feel unabashedly content with where i have ended up.