Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 11! Detox Done Ubud, Bali

11 days, 10 nights, 0 food. 11 lbs lost, 11 friends gained, and a basket full of new knowledge to bring home. People always ask about my experience here, and it isn't something I can put into a few sentences, let alone even finding the right words. Every trip has been different. Every detox a new lesson learned. In order to know what happens here, to understand this process, you have to go through it yourself. And even then, your experience will be totally different than mine.

This morning we broke our fast with a lovely bowl of papaya. Lovely because it was in star and heart shapes, just for that extra touch of love. We went around the table and shared what we felt was our major high. The consensus of everyone was that the group was the highlight. You know how there is always that one person in the group that either doesn't want to be there, or two people don't get along, or someone is just flat out annoying... well not in this group. Everyone was supportive, holding space for one another, and genuinely caring. It really makes a difference when you have a group like that. Thanks new friends!

Before and After - 11lbs/5kilo
The ending group

This entire trip has been rain, except the last few days. The beach was calling my name. NIH is the best in that they just supply a driver for me, and off I was to Sanur beach for a few hours. I didn't do much there, literally sat outside a cafe, ate some lunch, swam, walked around a bit, and went back to Ubud. It was perfect 3 hours.
Two of my awesome drivers on the left, and the two on right
keep NIH looking amazing!

I had a smoothie for lunch and later a bowl of soup. My gut
is like a babies gut. I have to bring in food, nice and easy.

The view outside Genius Cafe

I finished my last day off having dinner at Soma with Ema, John, and Nicole. I had Mini Gado Gado Rolls, basically vegetables wrapped in cabbage. Nicole and I ventured out for some evening shopping and had the best time. Anything for the last sale, we were getting some major steals! The Balinese believe a sale is good luck, so if they haven't had many sales that day, they will sell it to you for nearly free. We were getting sarongs for $2, and Bali pants for $4! Cheap! The ladies would then take the money, and smack the merchandise and bless it, hoping for more sales.

A little store front

Nicole and I at Clear Cafe for one last snack for the night.

PS. I passed a ton of gall stones this morning. LOADS. I feel lighter.

PPS. Thanks friends for reading these little day blogs. I hope you felt inspired to get out of your box and try something new, or at least think about what you eat for your own health. Remember, you are what you eat (or absorb), and if you change your expectations into appreciations, your whole world will change. 

"Never underestimate the power of LOVE. With love, the impossible becomes possible. Love is the only universal language that requires no words to understand. Love is really all that matters in this world. Love and happiness go hand in hand." -NORA

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