Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 8 of 11: Kitchen Workshop

Another rainy day. I saw the sun for 10 short minutes, even skipped yoga just so I could enjoy it. Today was spa day. I got my nails done, and a facial, thanks to lovely NIH for treating me!

Georgia and I had our one on one session. We talked a lot about histamine. Considering that I have Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), a chronic allergy disease, in which white blood cells (Eosinophils) show up in the esophagus triggered by food allergies, it would make sense to check out my histamine levels. If one has high histamine levels, most likely they will have high levels of Eosinophils, as it's been shown that high histamine increases your Eosinophil levels.
That's a lot of E words.  Enough!

Georgia and I discussed how to get the histamine levels down. Diet is a big factor, as all foods contain histamine, some more than others. The biggest to avoid would be fermented foods and meat that has been sitting out, or leftovers. The longer the unfrozen meat has sat in the package at the grocery store, the worse. As it sits, the histamine rises. There are other foods to avoid as well, and I'll eat those in moderation, but FRESH is always best.

I am adding Quercetin to my supplements. This helps reduce the histamine in the body. Slippery Elm and digestive enzymes will also be added to my daily smoothies to help with inflammation and leaky gut, at least for the first month after my cleanse.

Anyway..... after our one on one, we had the Kitchen Workshop. This was great! It was a new class, that hadn't been offered before and it really opened up my brain to so many fun and exciting things to try. I recently bought a dehydrator, and had been using it mainly for drying out my activated nuts, but flax seed crackers here I come, (and so many other recipes!) We learned how to make cashew yogurt, although fermented (a no-no for my new diet), it looked really yummy.  Unfortunately we can't try it until the last day when we break the cleanse. We also learned about other gut happy tools, like bee pollen, moringa, gelatin, and how to make your own sweet gelatin treats! It was a great workshop. I should have recorded it! I'm super excited about trying the bell pollen. It comes in granules, and it's cheap over here. I'll be stocking up and hoarding it back in my suit case. It's great on oatmeal, yogurt, chia pudding, etc.

No pictures. Sorry guys. But the sun is out (It's day 9 as I write this), and I'm going out to play in it!


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