Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 9 of 11

THE SUN CAME OUT! What a difference a little sunshine makes. We started our morning with a lovely walk. Good conversation and beautiful scenery, makes for one amazing hour on your feet.

Rice Fields

Ducks with a local cafe next door that uses their eggs.

Graffiti on the trail

Afterward, we headed to our last Steam & Sauna. I did three sessions of sauna and cold pool, and then went and got a sun burn, literally. It was glorious.

Beautiful Pond area at the Spa

Red Dragonflies are rare to see.
Read here about them.

No workshops today, so in the afternoon I went and did some shopping. I stopped by a cafe called Habitat, which is near the monkey forest. I got a juice there, but was sitting next to two men eating Pad Thai. The smell alone made my stomach grumble. I seriously had the devil on one shoulder, and angel on the other thing going on in my head.
Devil:  "Do you smell that?  Get it! Push the guy over, steal his plate, and run!"
Angel: "Don't ruin your fast, Cole, look how hard you have worked!"
Devil: "It's your favorite food. THAI! I can see your salivating, EAT IT! Take his plate and just shove your face in it!"
Angel rolling eyes

I drank my pineapple, mint juice and went on my way.

Two more days. Easy Peasy

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birdlynn hubbard said...

Love your optimism and good humor. Life is good.