Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 10 of 11 Letter Burning Ceremony

Tomorrow we break the cleanse. Today was no shakes, but only juice, water, tea, and broth. This was because we were doing the Liver Flush. At 2pm and 4pm we take these herbs, then at 6pm, an epson salt shot, and 8pm, a lime juice/oil concoction (tasted like salad dressing). Immediately following the 8pm oil drink, you lay down on your right side, so that your liver gets coated. In the morning you do an enema and look for the gall stones.

Georgia with our "shots". 

So because we weren't doing shakes, it made for a mellow day. I had my colonic. I went to Gaia, the same place I went to in 2015. I felt their bed side manner was better than Cacoon. The nurse there said that I didn't have a lot coming out, but that is normal for someone who has detoxed three times, and eats a clean diet.  She also said I was gassy. HA! Like I didn't know that Lady. I fart in my sleep for goodness sake!

Tonight, to have a final release of letting go, the group had a Letter Burning Ceremony. We wrote letters to whoever we chose, whether that be ourselves, family, exes, fear, the unknown, and then we burn then. It's a beautiful ceremony, especially at the end of the detox. I have attached pictures to explain some of the process.

The entrance to the ceremony space

As we walked in, Mada was singing prayers.

You can see my letters in front of me, and the bowl in the center is
where they get burned, as well as where the offerings go.

Mada blessing me.

You put a bracelet on after the blessing. When the bracelet
falls off, that is when you have "let go".
 After the blessings, each person then gives three offerings to the Gods. You put the offerings into the fire; rice, flower petals, and..... Honestly, I wasn't sure what the other thing was, and I wasn't about to raise my hand and ask. Then Mada prays for you, as you meditate on your ancestors. You put your letters into the fire, and continue to meditate as the Gods take them away. Afterward, we all take some of the ash with tongs and put it in a coconut. There is a river next to our retreat that we emptied the ashes into, so that they are taken out to sea. Isn't that awesome!?

Selfies after ceremony!

It was dark so the lighting isn't the best. The group had 12, but some where on 7 day detoxes,
and Michael left today.

Mada and I after ceremony. This man is a jack of all trades.
He is building his own home, has many degrees, and just knows
how to do just about everything!

Tomorrow is the final day, last blog will be short and sweet! ox 

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birdlynn hubbard said...

Beautiful journeys you share. So nice to see you happy and in such nourishing space with others. Something always special happens in community. A loving, caring community, and being present. What a lovely time and age you are in. Be free, and thank you for sharing your happiness.