Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 6 of 10

Feb. 1st, a new month, and a month with one of my favorite holidays, Valentines day! I call this the LOVE MONTH, and not just love for your family, friends, or that special person, but most importantly, for yourself.
I return so often to Natural Instinct Healing not only for the detox; the reset of my body to help with allergies, but also because every time I leave here, I find the courage to love myself again. Sometimes I forget. I think we all do. We get bogged down by the daily stresses of life. We compare ourselves to others, especially on social media. We get dumped. We listen to our inner voice that shames us, calls us names, or tell us how stupid we are when we've done something dumb. NIH resets that for me. After my first detox, I hadn't ever really felt that love for myself. I can't credit NIH for all of it, as Everett was a HUGE factor in leading me into self-love, but this process, really reminds me of how important self-care is in order to keep that self-love going.

Today began with a lovely yin-yoga class. Yin-yoga is similar to restorative yoga, but harder. You use your muscles and gravity, where as in restorative, you don't, but with both practices you hold the pose for minutes at a time. I think yin-yoga is actually the hardest yoga I have ever done. It doesn't look hard, but holding poses without anything holding you up, is not comfortable. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the class.

I had an appointment with Dr. Adolf Brown. For those that read my first blog with Adolf, he is the doctor who uses Applied Kinesiology to find my food allergies. He was the first doctor to tell me I had a candida overgrowth. While his practice may seem skeptical, he really has helped me immensely. After my first visit with him, I did a two month Candida cleanse, and then continued to avoid sugar/yeast in my daily diet. Today's visit we checked my candida levels. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm clear! He also said because I've been so healthy with my gut, that peanuts are okay in moderation (I was once told I was allergic). Eggs, chocolate, and pork should be avoided. Pork is a new one for me. I love pork tacos. So we'll see about this dietary no-no recommendation upon returning home. He also told me that he can't check my histamine levels, but there are doctors who can, and it might be wise, due to my sneezing and itchy skin. When we discussed the histamine diet however, he suggested I not go that route, not yet at least.

mmm.... did someone say pork tacos?

It's been raining like this everyday. 

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birdlynn hubbard said...

I love this, Nichole! Really refreshing. Great creativity and enthusiasm is catchy. :)