Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Dream World

In my dream world
I would live in a place I could call home year round. 
 A place where I have time to volunteer, 
to be apart of something, to have a creative outlet.
A place where I have all my girlfriends together to giggle with 
and reasons to giggle about.
A home where I could have a few gold fish and plants and keep them alive.
A home that was open to my friends and family, 
to visit, to share, to be loved in.
In my love world
I would have a partner, who tucks me at night 
and kisses my toes goodbye in the morning before I wake.
He would be my best friend, my "go-to" man, my chuckle, my love. 
He would get me, laugh with me, share with me, 
tease me, set me straight when I get off course 
and have just as many imperfections as me.
I would have a toddler or two running around me saying "mommy, mommy!"
In my earth world
I would have a garden, bringing new things to life, 
so that I could remind myself of how delicate we 
must treat ourselves in order to flourish.
I would live in a community that has recycling.
I would not be wasteful.
I would not over spend
I would love the earth with all my might.
In my bring home the bacon world
I would work for myself.
I would have a great year round business that kept me busy... 
but not too busy.
My business would give back to the community in amazing ways.
I would feel challenged, excited, with new ideas and projects!
En mi mundo creativo
I would speak Spanish fluently. (Yo hablaria espanol con fluidez.)
I would write my Dad's story, and it would make him cry with joy.
I would be surrounded by art that moves me.
I would take music lessons.
I would go to concerts monthly as music lifts my spirits.
I would dance.  Let me repeat that: I. Would. Dance.
I would choreograph for a show and finally show the world my ideas.
I would challenge my body to do things I never thought possible,
 such as rocking a trapeze bar.
In my spiritual world
I would have a deeper relationship.  
I would actually want a deeper relationship.
I would understand faith, and absolutely, without a doubt, 
believe that He hears my prayers.
I would learn to meditate.  I would sit still.  I would listen.
In my "taming the gremlin" world
I would worry less, be more patient, more kind and breathe in .... and out.
I would hear people, not just their words, but their soul.
I would stop multi-tasking and focus on one thing at a time.
I would be more grateful for the things I have, and ignore the things I don't.
I would be okay with my imperfections.
I would stop controlling things and let go... I would let go.
In my dream world
I would feel free, not stuck, not forced to be some where.  
I would be surrounded by people who love me and people I love.
I would ride my bike to work,
sing to songs on the radio,
and have a hand to hold in my dream world.


Alisa and Jared said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Don't you deep down believe that our dream worlds could actually work out in the end? I do!

Nicholle said...


Your dream world motivated me to write mine. Now I have something to read when I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!