Friday, July 2, 2010

Prague Day 1

First of all, we have another amazing couch surfing hosts.  Jarda and his wife Caroline are awesome!  They have two young boys, ages 7 and 5 and the 7 year old speaks english.  I call him T because I can't pronounce his name.  I will post some pictures of them soon, but I haven't taken any of them yet.
Leaving Naples was crazy!  Our train was late leaving to Rome, and then we were late getting to the airport which was crazy hectic... but we made it and landed in Prague safely!!  Jarda picked us up, and took us to his "Ironman" home!  I'm not kidding.  The key to get into his house is like this electrical blue ball that you rub on the wall and it opens the doors.  It's crazy!  Downstairs he has like 5 cars in this garage that is more like a giant basement.  Then there is 4 stories on top of that!  He owns the Harley Davidson shop, him and his business partner, and they share a nice size garden together.  We have our own room and own bathroom.  I just love couch surfing.
This morning we headed out to be tourists in the city.  We got to downtown and walked out of the metro to be completely lost in a new world.  Prague is beautiful and so different than Rome.  The city was actually quiet, and the cars stopped for you at cross walks!  (as opposed to Italy where they run you over for fun!)
Rosie and I figured out how to get to the Old Town Square where we went walked up to the famous clock at exactly noon and saw the thing go off.  I thought it would be more entertaining, but it was still cool considering the clock was built in 1338 (eehh.... somewhere close to that year.)  Then we basically walked around the city until we had to meet Hans-Eric.  (Yep, Hans came to visit Prague too!)
We went to a puppet show tonight called Don Giovanni.  It was very funny and entertaining!!  We also had a very Czech meal!  I had chicken breasts with apricots and whip cream (sooooooooo weird, but was really good!) and drank Pilsner beer!
Tomorrow we are going to visit the castle and maybe take a boat ride down the river!
Here are some pictures of our day!

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Alisa and Jared said...

I seriously can't get over the whole couch surfing thing...that is awesome! What great photos!