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So as most of you know I am back in the USA and happy to be home.  3 months in Spain went by so quick, too quick actually, so fast that I decided I needed a little more and will be returning on Feb. 27th until March 14th!  I mean, who doesn't want to go celebrate Carnival and study two more weeks of Spanish!?  :)

I didn't get a chance to blog a few trips while I was there and since I have been home I have been iNsAnEly busy.... so this blog comes to you a little late.


Marcos was so excited to go to Granada.  He had lived there for two years and studied Graphic Design, so it was his home away from home.  The minute we got off he was practically jumping up and down with excitement.  We quickly got to our hostel, and set out in the town. We hiked up the old town (it's on a mountain) and enjoyed the view of the city and the Alhambra at night.

Granada is, to me, one of the most different cities I had visited in Spain.  It has tons of mountains, trees, and pretty landscapes.  The old town is gorgeous, up along side the mountain and walking around in the old town was one of my favorites.  It's amazing how old these homes are and the roads that surround them.  Just walking on them, hurt your feet because the rocks were so big and round.  The bars in Granada are also super cheap.  You can go and get a drink, beer or diet coke and you get free tapas.  FREE TAPAS!!!  And good tapas too!
Marcos and I visited the markets the first day.  We roamed the streets, buying teas and souvenirs.  There is a very Moroccan feel in Granada.  Lots of hippy shops, and Moorish style art.  There is something very entertaining about just simply walking the streets of a new town.  I think that is my favorite thing to do when I travel.  You see so much, and everything is a surprise because you really don't know where you are going!
On Sunday we visited the Alhambra.  It is a days event.  This place is huge!  Palace after palace and the gardens were gorgeous, along with the views!!  There is so much history packed all on one mountain.  What a site.  I can only imagine what the gardens would look like in the summer time in full bloom!

Here is the link to the web album if you want to see more pictures.  

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