Saturday, April 2, 2011

Billy Elliot

Friday night Michelle (my sister) and I went to The Paramount in Seattle, WA to watch Billy Elliot!  I laughed, cried, gasped, and felt exhilarated!  The talent on the stage was absolutely amazing, brilliant, and I wanted an ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!  There are four Billy Elliot's touring.  Friday night we had Lex Ishimoto and he blew me away!!!  His talent was beyond my comprehension and at such a young age.  I was truly inspired.
After the show, Jeff Kready, who played Tony (Billy's brother), let us go on the stage and back stage!! WOW, what a treat!  Jeff is a friend of my friend Alisa Lybbert, who I met in Skagway. It's unreal how small the stage really is.  It appears so big when you are in the audience, but it's much smaller in real life.  The mechanics of back stage are so complicated as well.  Jeff talked to us about how things are built at an angle to create dimensions and objects to appear bigger, etc...  He showed us the props, and explained to us how quick things are put away during and after a show.  It was a great theater lesson.
Jeff Kready, Tony, in Billy Elliot
It was a wonderful last night in Seattle.  I am now in Ketchikan and on my way to Skagway on Tuesday. waaa waaa! But I am in and out all summer so it will go by super fast!  YEAH!! xo


Alisa said...

awesome! So glad you were able to connect, etc! Sounds like the show was great!

Wow--already in Skagway by the end of today?!! CRAAAAAAAZY!!!

Give Skagway a big hug for me, and breathe in that beautiful fresh air!!

allison said...

I love your side bars to much! I am grinning in my teensy office in Juneau. xoxo!!