Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skagway 2011 Party

I'm taking a break from the depression blogging because I am getting so behind in all the other fun stuff I'm doing.  Last week we had our 2011 Seasonal party for Skagway Mining Co.  24 of us, (all 11 employees, me and our dates), took a bus up to Fraser, BC to Lake Bernard for some kayaking.  It was a bit windy that day, and cold, but nothing was going to get in our ways.  Packer Expeditions provided four awesome tour guides to take us around the lake.  The head wind wasn't as bad as I thought, and when you got into the little coves it was so relaxing and gorgeous.  Canada is so beautiful!

Left to Right: Me, Erin Jakubek, Jen Funhauser, MJ Phillips, Teslyn Korsmo, Jon Sey, Sarah Dudley
Kristin Moore, Marcos Cruz Diaz, Unknown, Unknown 2 (i'm horrible with names), Jared Foland, Katie Williams
Will Dudley, Jason ?, Jene Foland, and Brittany Snell.
Guess who?  (No it's not me.)
Marcos and the bus driver, who was a very quiet man.
Brittany Snell and Katie Williams enjoying a cove.
Erin and I.  She's such a pro at kayaking.
Afterward we drove down to the Klondike Gold Dredge and had ourselves a wonderful barbecue.  The cooked us up quite the spread, including salmon, corn bread and some yummy salads.  They even gave us dessert.  In the last few years the Klondike Gold Dredge has really expanded, and they now have dog sled puppies and dogs on site.  Since I can hold puppies without an allergic reaction (no dander yet), they allowed me to play with a few.  I fell in love with one and didn't want to give him back.

10 years!  10 SMC end of the year parties!  I can't believe this season is almost over!  YEAH!!!

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