Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am her.

Who is she?

She is a daughter. She is a best friend.  She is a pocketful of light. She is a spark of something good, getting brighter; a dream grown large; the right thing at the right time.

She is a dancer, a singer, a thinker, a truth-teller. A connoisseur of all the things this wide world has to offer. Her spirit is the first thing people notice. Her mind always had a mind of its own. Her heart, though it has sometimes been hurt, bears a strong resemblance to a daffodil, it always flowers again.

So she wakes with anticipation. She finds new hills to climb. And everyone agrees that the very fact of her in the world means there is still so much good to come.

Who is she?  She is me. She is you.

I am her.

From the book  I am her  by M.H. Clark


laurelei said...

I found you through your comment link at Creative Juices (the canvas map project), and I just want to say I love your blog, I'm jealous that you live in Alaska, and this quote was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Nicholle said...

I'm so glad you like my blog!! :) Thanks for reading. Alaska is great. I am there now. Skagway is a gorgeous town to live in during the spring/summer. Thanks again for the comment!!