Monday, April 16, 2012

Meet Max

Last winter I created a vision board. On the board were pictures of cute mini dogs, such as Malteses and Bichon Frises, as well as many other things I dream of, e.g., marriage, babies, traveling, happily ever after.  After looking for a mini dog all winter, I came up with nothing.  Either the puppies were from puppy breeders or $2,000.  My landlord here in Skagway gave me three conditions on having a dog in my apartment: 1. It has to be a mini, 2. It can't bark, and 3. I never leave it home alone. I felt overwhelmed with finding a puppy to train, so I put it on the back burner and let it go.
Today, however, one of the images on my dream board came true.  A cute, three year old, Bichon Frise named Max, landed in my lap.  A friend of mind, Brittney Thomas - thee coolest, animal loving, rock star in the world, knew I had been looking for a puppy.  Brittney also knew that one of our mutual friends, Courtnay, just rescued a dog that was left at the dog groomers, (owner never picked him back up), and was on her way back to Skagway looking for a home for Max.  He's well trained, never barks, hypoallergenic (Did I mention I'm allergic?), and he's a mini.  HE MEETS EVERY REQUIREMENT.

I, Nicholle Chandler, am officially a dog owner.  Wishful dream of a mini dog - check.

Maxamillion, aka: Max

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Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

adorable dog!!! here is the post nicholle about the map!