Friday, December 28, 2012

Fargo, North Dakota

Happy Holidays from Seattle, WA!  I just arrived home from Ketchikan, Alaska, where I spent Christmas with Mom and the family.  It was lovely.  We had some snow, ate a lot of Christmas cookies, and enjoyed watching Avery open her presents.  However, this blog isn't about home.... it's about the five days I spent in Fargo, ND and Minneapolis, MN, before I flew up north.
Nate, my boyfriend, (Yes, boyfriend!), invited me to come meet his family before the holidays.  Nate is from Fargo.  Most of you, I'm sure, have seen the movie Fargo.  I was anticipating what the movie depicts, and to be quite honest, it wasn't that far off.  It was snowy, and flat, and people talked with Canadian accents.  Everyone I met was super pleasant, people opening doors and saying hello as you passed.  I even got a photo of me in front of a wood chipper that they have outside the visitors center.

Nate's family is incredibly nice.  I met his parents, his two sisters, their kids, his grandma, his aunt, a few cousins, as well as, a lot of his friends.  Deb, his mother, and her husband Dave, were super gracious to me.  A big thank you to them!!  His sister Ashley, who has a cute little girl named Olivia, joined us at the Mall of America, which is HUGE, and we had Olivia and Ella, Nate's equally as cute daughter, meet Diego and Dora.  This was by far, bigger and better than meeting Santa Claus....and probably the biggest event of their lives.  

Ella and Olivia meeting Diego and Dora
Ella in her Dora outfit!
Ella and me singing and signing the ABC's.
Downtown Fargo
Nate and I being silly!
Minneapolis, MIN
For Twins fans Target Field
I hope everyone's holiday season was full of love and laughter.  Thank you Nate, for a wonderful trip to the mid-west. If I didn't get to see you in Ketchikan while I was home, I'll be back in one month!!!  ox

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barbiehull said...

Cole!! Looks like you had a blast!! ;0) Happy New Year & we can't wait to read on the travels of 2013!! XOXO