Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Season 13

It has been forever since I sat at my laptop and typed a blog.  Seven months = forever.  But this girl is busy!  Fish Pirate's Gifts and Skagway Mining Company are both keeping me in full swing.  Someone told me today that I was like a ping pong, going back and forth, back and forth.  It's true. I pretty much live out of my suit case.
Skagway Mining Co. couldn't make me any prouder.  They are rocking this season.  Sarah is managing for her 13th year at SMC, and her small team of seven is killing it.  Yep, I only have eight employees this year, which is my smallest full time staff ever in our history.  But they are all amazing, and I can't be more grateful for them.
Skagway Mining Company Staff
From left to right: Zane, Lois, Jamie, Nicole (Snell), Rob, Sarah, Nick, Marcela
4th of July

Fish Pirate's Gifts had a hit this summer with the Carnival Miracle not coming to port all of June, July and August.  Their reasoning, I heard, was due to an engine problem, making it so they have to go slower, between ports.  It was either, pull all their cruises in southeast, or just skip Ketchikan and fix the problem in the winter.  This has put a damper on Ketchikan sales. Carnival Miracle was one of our shopping ships, and we hope they get that problem fixed for next year.
Fish Pirate's Staff
Left to Right: Maddy, Heather (front), Karina (back), Tasha, Hannah, Piper, Madlyn, Hannah, and Zach
Jake and Thomas are missing from picture.


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