Friday, December 18, 2009

Artful words by Janeen Koconis

i am i.  i try to be just me.
i am part of some totality.
i am 1st person singular.
i rhyme with sky, why,
hi and multi-ply.
i am a living being.
i was born.
i learned to walk and talk
& to ride a two-wheeler.
i went to school.
i learned stuff.  i made 
friends.  once i made a tent.
i hung out. i wanted to be
in a band.  i sang to the radio.
i danced in the mirror.
i read hemingway.
i made love.  i lost love.
i wrote poetry once.
i played a blue guitar.
i opened my eyes.  i looked
inside.  i saw.  i see.  i give.
i take.  i feel.  i find meaning.
(hence another poem)
i vote.  i hope.  i work.
i dream.  (i like black & white 
movies).  i laugh.  i listen.
i remember.  i forget.  i try
to forgive.  i try to stand tall.
i wonder.  i say.  i believe.
i am part of a larger
i know i am part of the world.
i am i.  i am you.
i am we.

(i am me)

from Janeen Koconis 2010 Calendar
She brings together art and words and makes masterpieces.  I have four prints.  Three in Skagway and one here in Seattle.  Love her work!
Here is a link to a website that has a video of making a KOCO gallery in Paris, France.  I looked all over but couldn't find a website just specifically for her.

I will share a bit of Janeen monthly (from the Calendar!)


maría ortega estepa .· * said...

Thanks for your words!
i am so happy to meet with you in Plaza de El Salvador!



Anonymous said...

Koco's new website is online - tell you're friends