Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is just funny to me...

I sent Marcos some pictures of the concert and he went to the offical site to make a comment about the show... etc.  Apparently I was noticed.  Here is what Marcos said:

¨You won't believe it Nicholle....I posted something in the official fansite forum and everybody seems to remember you there! haha it's hilarious. As you said in your blog you looked so random there that everybody seems to be using you in the forum as a reference to find out where they were placed in the concert...isn't funny? It's like " i was standing next to the blond foreigner with glasses" and other girl said "yes i remember her, i was two lines behind her" and so on...
 I told you already that you were like a sort of beacon....and that applied for everybody in the concert!¨

Cracks me up!  I did feel a little awkward there.. haha!


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