Saturday, March 20, 2010

Building a story.

The book research trip was eventful and successful.  First stop was Vegas, where I interviewed my dad's mother, Sandy, and her family.  Here is the breakdown of the family members:  Sandy is my dad's biological mother, Cori is Sandy's daughter, Bill is Sandy's husband, Sid is Sandy's sister, Bob is Sid's husband, and Gayla is Bob and Sid's daughter.  I interviewed Grandma Sandy on Tuesday for almost 5 hours.  It went really well.  It's so hard to ask her questions that I know must be hard for her to answer.  She gave her son to my grandparents and that is a huge decision that could not have been made lightly.  I'm not going to share much on the details, as that is being saved for the book..... you're just gonna have to wait (and it might be a long wait!!!)  I also interviewed Sid and she is a "kick in the pants!"  Cori and Gayla were just as awesome!  Two of the most coolest ladies, so smart, and cultured.  I loved listening to their stories growing up as we sipped on margaritas and talked over dinner!  Here are some pictures I took.
Aunt Cori and Cousin Gayla
Cori and I at Sid's house
I always wondered where I got my beauty, and now you know!  Don't you think we look alike?!

I left Vegas on Wednesday, after a shopping spree at Charlotte Russe and a rental car flat tire, I made it safely to Salt Lake City where I spent two short nights with Rosie!  We had a good Thursday together, hiking in the snow, a movie, Mexican dinner and then off to Boise!! 

Miss Rosie in the mountains in Utah!
 Dad and I went snowmobiling one of the days up on the mountains.  My first time ever.. I know, I know, I am from Alaska and never have been snowmobiling, but we never owned one!  When we left the mountains, Dad's trailer that towed the snowmobiles, got a flat.  This was just the week for me and flat tires!!

I am heading to Alaska shortly, but will know exactly when once I schedule my second kidney stone surgery. Yep, that's right!!  The first one crushed the stones but now they are stuck in a little "pouch" and causing me a lot of pain!!  Ugh!  Hopefully the second time around will be just as funny as the first!

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Alisa and Jared said...

oh--I'm so sorry you have to do the surgery again--hopefully this will be the last time!

Glad the writing trip turned out well--I look forward to you fitting the writing into your busy schedule, so I can read it, someday!!

Never been snowmobiling?!! Wow!! Well...I haven't been since I was like 3 years old on my Dad's lap (lived in UT until I was 4--then moved away to Kansas, of all non-snomobiling places!)