Monday, March 29, 2010

2nd attempt to remove my kidney stone

Top Ten Reasons I Deserve The Last Cupcake

10.  Wednesday:  Went into Virginia Mason for a "in and out" procedure involving a nasty kidney stone.  Procedure does not go well.  They can't get to the kidney stone because it's too far in and actually inside a "pocket".  So, surgery was a bust.  The next option would be to open me up and take it out.  I don't like this idea but I will see how I feel in the fall.

9.  I wake up to bladder spasms, which is basically like causing acid reflux with your kidney (urine going back into the kidney).  I wish this on NO ONE.  It's insanely painful.  I'm crying like a baby.  They get me to my own room and medicate the crap out of me.  I have a temperature of 102.  Didn't have a BM (bowel movement that day).  I stay the night.

8.  Thursday:   Mom flies down to be with me.  She arrives and shortly after I begin to feel the same pain I felt after the surgery, but it's like 10 x's worse.  I'm crying, moaning, holding onto the nurses hand and screaming "WHERE IS THE DOCTOR?!"   They gave me pain medicine through a pill form (which would take 20-30 minutes before I felt relief).  40 minutes pass of excruciating pain when the doctor finally arrives allowing me to have morphine put in my IV.  Within a minute I don't feel anything.  Imagine being in labor for 40 minutes with no breaks and not even getting a baby!  This is how it felt (or I would think it would feel!)  I still have a high temp, and no BM.  I stay another night.

7.  Past ex boyfriend with mental illness comes to visit me.  Wasn't too stressful at the moment but caused a little unneeded stress.  (Very bizarre story).

6.  Friday:  I have a migraine.  First migraine ever.  Out all day... no noise, no light, no nothing.  Food starts to taste bad.  Saliva in my mouth tastes like metal and I have severe cotton mouth.  I hate Oxybutynin (meds to help bladder spasms, so I guess I don't hate them that bad).  Still no BM.  I stay another night.  

5.  Past ex comes to visit again, whispering things in my ear about how great I am and that we should be friends.  Buys me a little girl butterfly necklace that you would give a 6 year old.  Um, helllooo, a little weird, and I'm a little preoccupied with a migraine, among other pains, right now.... GO AWAY!

4.  Saturday:  Mom goes home to shower, as she has been staying at my bed side day in and night, and is gone for a few hours.  I am feeling not too bad but look down at my feet and see that my heals are purple and so are my toes.  Weird.  I look at my fingers and they are purple and start to tingle.  I page the nurse, who then goes to get a heating blanket.  When she comes back, I am having severe shivers, also know as rigors.  Basically my body was fighting an infection and went into stress mode moving all the blood to my major organs.  I shivered.. hmm...i hate to say the word shiver, more like a seizure for 10-15 minutes.  In that time, Sue, the awesome nurse she is, got an emergency crew in my room.  It felt like Grey's anatomy.  I looked up and there was George, Izzy, Meredith, and Christina putting oxygen on me, injecting stuff in my one IV, adding another IV, and trying to calm me down.  This was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.  My fingers and toes got their color back and I was okay.

3.  I had to give blood samples and urine samples to test for infections  They put me on an antibiotic even though they weren't sure what infection I had, but rigors is usually caused by infections.  Still no BM after 4 days and I stay another night.

2.  Sunday was told I have e coli in my urine.  I am feeling better already but then turn to feeling crummy by mid day.  Fever is down though and I had my first bowl after multiple suppositories and laxatives.  YUCK!

and the number 1 reason why I deserve the last cupcake, after all of this, going through rigors, bladder spasms, fevers, vomiting, constipation, bad taste, 10 lbs lost, etc etc....... lovely Aunt Flo came to visit me.

The end.

Mom helping me out!!


Christy said...

Oh no, Nicholle! I am so sorry, I had no idea any of this was going on. Thank goodness for your mom coming down to stay with you! I hope all is better now. Glad that the cast of Grey's was there to help you out!!

Alisa and Jared said...

Oh, poor Nicholle!! I'm SOOO sorry, and wish I could have been there to help in any way...even scaring off the old boyfriend with the child butterfly necklace!!

I hope you feel better VERY VERY soon. Thank goodness your mom could show up to help out.

Sorry that it wasn't pleasant...I was hoping for another sexy doctor putting you in jelly story...