Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fran DeLisle Cancer Awareness Walk

The Fran DeLisle Cancer Awareness Walk was a success!!  We had over 101 walkers (in a community of 700) and raised just below $10,000.  I raised $749 thanks to all your support!  We had six shuttle buses take us out to Chilkoot Post Lodge where we took our group picture!  With my water, 'Save the Boob's' t-shirt on, I was off on my long walk back to Skagway!
Group picture out at Chilkoot Post Lodge

Walkers (I don't know these people!)

Valerie and I and the gorgeous view we had on our walk!

The Red Onion booth was the best... lots of goodies!!
At this point, Val and I took off running the last mile and arrived at the Elks hungrier than bears!!  There was tons of food and goodies awaiting our arrival.

For those that raised over $250, our names was put into a drawing for prizes.... Temsco helicopter ride, a quilt and framed Breast Cancer Stamps with a poem.  I won one of the frames!

Thank you for all your support!!  The money that was raised goes to preventive care, expenses for those diagnosed with breast cancer and to help fight for a cure!  All your generous donations are truly appreciated!!


Alisa and Jared said...

I've always wanted to do that walk! Kudos to you!!

susan wall said...

Hey Sweety - been so busy haven't commented on anything you have done - I am a bad friend, BUT I am willing to grovel to keep you!! The candy display is wonderful!! Marcos did a great job, very colorful, very eye catching and HELLO very yummy!! I am so happy to did the run, pic of the cake cracked me up. Matt's pics are adorable but hey would they be anything but???? Can't wait to see you on the 4th, Ralph and I will be out and about checking all the food and people. Love you more than chocolate and see you soon!! xoxoxo sue