Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some pictures of Rome

After another long day in Rome, I am back at my home stay and feeling content.  Here is a photo album of about 30 pictures from the last two days.  Rome
We went to the Vatican City today and I got to see the Sistine Chapel, though I couldn't take pictures.  It's amazing.  Michaelangelo did it in 4 years... and 6 months out of those years he ran away because he didn't like what he was doing and was getting carple tunnel!  He thought the art work was mostly just for the pope who liked grandeur, but what he did was absolutely amazing, considering he wasn't known as a "painter" but as a sculpturist. 
We also went to St. Peters, the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Stairs, and many other little stops along the way.  My feet hurt! ha!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Tomorrow is our last day in Rome, and then on Monday, Rosie and I head to the south.  Kyra goes back to the USA tomorrow night.



Alisa and Jared said...

Fun fun! Great photos!

Carol said...

OMG What great phots!! Are you just in heaven or what!!! So many aware of pick-pocketer's :( face down photos!???

Love you, take xoxo