Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Veas Opticos

Today I purchased my first pair of prescription sunglasses.  Usually I buy $10 sunglasses at Target, and within a month they are so scratched you can't see anything except a foggy haze.  In the last year, wearing my contacts lenses has been a bit annoying.  My eyes dry out, and my vision blurs more often when I wear them.  I talked to my doctor about this in the states, but the problem is still persisting.  Being able to see is crucial, and when the sun is out glaring into my eyes, I'm either squinting because it's too bright, or squinting because my contacts are no good.  Lasik eye surgery?  I've been told I am not a good candidate.  So when Marcos told me his sister was an optometrist and that she could offer me a good deal on vision wear, I decided to invest in my first pair of sunglasses that I will actually need to care for.

Veas Opticos is located in Arcos de la Frontera on Avenue Miguel Mancheno, 6.  Upon entering the shop, you are approached by either owner, Miguel Angel Veas Lopez or Maria Isabel Cruz Diaz, husband and wife.  They are the nicest, most genuine couple, with three adorable boys.  Isabel helped me in the selection of my new sunglasses, but they had too many cute styles to choose from!  If you know me well, then you know I'm the most indecisive person EVER.  I blame it on astrology.  Though, a good friend once pointed out that Libra's aren't indecisive, they just like to weigh all the options. Ha!  I think she is right. After narrowing down my choices to two, I finally chose a pair of dark red Marc Jacobs sunglasses
Veas Opticos - para que veas (in order to see)
Isabel & Miguel
My new Marc Jacobs sunglasses!
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