Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Skagway Style

In the last ten years that I have been to Skagway, I think I have only seen three 4th of July's.  I usually travel to Ketchikan, and last year I was stuck in Italy, or wait, was it Prague? hahaha *rich person sitting on a yacht laugh. (j/k)  Considering Ketchikan's weather this year, I'm glad I stuck around in the blue skied Skagway.  
Marcos and I woke early and walked to the end of the block to watch the parade, which Marcos said "...was better than any Cadiz parade, because it was more genuine and personal."  The theme was "Old Fashioned" and old fashioned is what Skagway eminates on a daily basis.  From the old Fords and Chevy's to Jeff Smith's Parlor, the parade was the definite treat of the day.
Afterwards, Marcos and I joined the egg toss, (see video below) and watched the many contests; tug of war, arm wrestling, slow bike race (it took forever!), train spikes, basketball, Uncle Sam Look a like, and horse shoe.  We finished the day off by going to the Skagway Brew Co. and eating Sloppy Joes, which was the first for Marcos.  As he was eating it he thought the sauce tasted familiar and finally it came to him. "Salsa Americana", American Sauce.  Go figure.  I hope everyone's 4th was a blast!

My favorite float.  Bear proof garbage cans.  That bear was going CrAzY trying to get in them!
Daniel and friends playing old folk music.
Egg head!
Egg toss (see the eggs splatted on the ground!)

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Barbie Hull said...

My favorite is the EGG HEAD!!!