Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skagway Rhubarb Festival 2011

Rhubarb Chicken wings?  Pulled pork Rhubarb burgers?  Rhubarb Pie?  I'm in.  The Skagway Rhubarb Festival was hosted at Jewell Gardens Saturday night.  Serving their yummy dinner, beer and wine, Marcos and I bundled up in the cold windy gardens and started filling our bellies.  There was a pie eating contest, a pie walk (Marcos won a pie!), a contest for the longest Rhubarb stalk, a cooking contest and much more!  I entered the cooking contests with white chocolate coconut rhubarb cookies, with vanilla cream frosting, but I lost.  (Thank you Paul & Peggy Hovik for the Rhubarb!) The cookies turned out delicious.  I had four today.  Don't judge me.
Pie Eating Contest
Great shot!
The Steam Rollers, a local band.  The guy with the shades is one of my employees, Dave.
Longest Stalk contest
How silly we got after the party from all the SUGAR!

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