Thursday, September 1, 2011

be cool & be you by Janeen Koconis

be cool & be you

Join the Movement! Now is the time for spontaneity.
Just be. Just bop. Just scat. Just that. Sure, there's
classical rules about how to get it right; but don't be
tied to old forms-- hold onto that feeling of floating free.
Be a stand for asymmetry. Let it rip. Let it riff. Sing it just
like Ella with those kooky, random vocables & syllables
and nonsense lyrics without words at all. Just make up the
sounds! Be-dah. Dee-dop. Doodly-skid. Ski-dah. Believe in
art as improvisation. Hold the flag for the avant-garde.
It's a true revolution in the art of jazz and living.  It's you!

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