Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mariah turns 40!

When Mariah told me that for her 40th birthday she was going to Haines, staying in a cabin by the water, celebrating by hot tubbing and dancing (not at the same time), with some of her most favorite people, I immediately hoped I was one of those favorite people.  I was.  It was beautiful weather in Haines.  First stop was the Haines brewery for some yummy beer and then to the cabin for a wonderful salmon/halibut dinner from our host, Tom.  He also made a home made carrot cake!  Mariah is such a hoot.  She brought all these wonderful pretty dresses for everyone to wear out dancing.  We danced at the Pioneer Bar to a local band called, Swing Set, and had such a great time!  Have I mentioned how much I love dancing?  Happy 40th Birthday Mariah!

Lisa, Marie, Nicholle, Charity, Cindy and Mariah

The view.

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