Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Skagway friends and Mexico

It's already Tuesday.  My trip here in Mexico is coming to an end.  Saturday, all 6 of us piled into the van and drove 5 hours to the coast.  We arrived, tired and hungry, and went to Happy Food for dinner.  It made us happy.  As we were walking back to our van, Maiya saw a little girl playing.  She looked at her, stopped, looked a little closer and realized she knew the little girl.  It was Rosetta, Jeffrey's daughter, from Skagway.  There were Kori (also a Skagway local) and Jeffrey sitting, 5 feet away, at a bar.  We knew they were in town, as we were planning on having dinner together, but to run into them in a big city... small world!
Sunday, I ventured out on my own and went to La Cruz for the farmer's market.  Best farmer's market I have ever been to in Mexico.  Vegan muffins, cilantro hummus, tortilla de espanola and more.  The prices for the crafts and jewelry were much higher than usual, but the only people shopping there, were Gringos, mostly retired white people.  Later that day, Alisa, Jared, Leisel, and I went to Sayulita, a small, hippy, surfing town.  It was being torn up and under a lot of construction, but it reminded me a lot of Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  Leisel is a friend of Alisa's from church and we stayed with their family.  They own a Segway tour, so we got to be tourists and do a Segway tour for FREEE!!  That night we had dinner at Jeffrey's, the owner of Starfire in Skagway.  I live next door to this thai restaurant and eat their curry weekly.   Abby Jo from Skagway was also living down here for the winter and it was fun getting to know all three of these girls more closely over dinner.
Finally on Monday, the sun came out for about an hour.  We were at the beach and it was lovely.  Here are some pics of the rest of the trip.
The Chapala Lake 

Ella and I
The farmer's market.  I bought agave syrup, jam, cilantro hummis
and tortilla (tasted just like Spain's)!
Sayulita Surf school
Surfer, living the dream.
Segway tour
The two youngest, Ethan and Maya
Alisa covering herself from the sun!
Getting some sunshine! (Image by Alisa)
Alex, Ella, Maile, Maya, and Rosetta aka The Little Mermaids
Skagway girls getting some sun!

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