Wednesday, May 2, 2012

11th Season

How in the heck did May already get here?  April flew by!!   Friday we get our first ship and start our 11th season at Skagway Mining Company.  11 springs of bringing in boxes, unloading, pricing items, and merchandising.  11 summers of customer service, stupid tourist questions, and long days.  11 falls of counting 800 of this and 1,001 of that for a physical inventory.  11 lovely ferry rides home.  I can't believe it's been ELEVEN years!
This year, however, there has been a big change.  I had to say goodbye to my awesome leadership team, Jared, Katie, Willie, Brittany, and Jene, and welcome a new one.  I hired six new people this winter down in Seattle and it turned out to be a huge success.  Here are a few pictures of April.

From left to right top row: Jamie, Kaeli, Nick, Kevin, Cole
Bottom row: Adam, Sarah and Keri
Meet Kaeli from Louisiana!  She is in charge of our jewelry
and has a super cute style!
Sarah, 11th season, and Lauren, from White Pass,
helped us for the month of April.
Meet Kevin from Seattle and Nick from Portland!
This is Keri, a southern bell, also from Louisiana, and loves owls!
Meet Jamie!  She's in charge of our apparel.... God bless her.
Adam, our new warehouse manager, is super organized
and a smarty pants at trivia!
Our new mascot, Max!
Trivia Team - We won this night!
Our team name.  Trivia is played at the infamous Red Onion
Saloon.  Keri's last name just happens to be Hooker, so we are the
Hooker's Posse.

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Michelle Hovik said...

O.M.G. I love max!!! He is so freakin cute.