Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's day today.  The day to celebrate how awesome and amazing our Mom's are.  And as much as my mother is pretty kick ass, I'm not going to be talking about her.  I'm going to talk about another mother, not a mother to me, but one that inspires me.  I hope that when I do finally become a Mom, I am as giving and loving as Christy McDonald (Parrott).  Christy and I grew up in Ketchikan together.  We became very close in high school and have been friends ever since.  She graduated from college in Arkansas and then married Danny McDonald.  They soon had their first son, Taylor, and then a daughter named Bailey.  They are the cutest children ever and she is one lucky Momma.
Bailey is a year and half now and has Downs Syndrome.  This doesn't define Bailey by any means, but it was something that Christy had to prepare for and educate herself about.  Since Bailey has been in her life, I have been reading her blog and watching Bailey grow up through pictures and written word.  She is one cute and strong girl.  I encourage you to read some of her blog, to read about how having something that might seem scary at first, turn into something that reflects on their life in such a positive and beautiful way.
Recently, I found out that Christy is adopting a little girl named Juliette from Eastern Europe, who has Downs Syndrome as well.  These children are living in orphanages, and for the most part do not get the love and attention they need for healthy development or even survival.  Christy, in my book, is a walking Angel, but she needs our help.  The costs for this adoption are approximately $27,000!!!  She has a separate blog just for Juliette.
Please visit this blog and help donate today.  Want to take me to dinner, or coffee?  Well don't, instead, help bring Juliette home. My posts get anywhere from 50 hits to 2,500 hits.  If everyone that reads this donated $5.00, we could make at least $250, or up to $12,500!!  Click on the blog post or the donation box to the right of this blog.

Thank you friends.

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CM said...

Wow, Nicholle, THANK YOU! I don't feel like we are doing anything special - just going to get our girl born on the other side of the world. We can't wait to officially make her our daughter. Thank you for helping us raise funds to bring Juliette home as soon as we are a wonderful friend. Hugs!