Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A night in Seville

Last weekend I went to Seville for the night with Marcos, Vane, Mikki, and Paco.  Last year I studied here for a week and just loved this city.  This is where one of my favorite artists lives, Maria Ortega Estepa.  I missed her art show in October but she is going to have another show in Jan, and I am definitely going to go see it! 
We left Cadiz on Saturday morning and arrived to miserable weather.  It wasn't just raining, it was Ketchikan pouring.  Parking is really bad in Seville.  We parked a good 30 minute walk away from our hostel, so by the time we got there, I was drenched.  The boots I was wearing leaked water into my socks and I didn't bring an extra pair of shoes!!  I walked the city with cold wet feet.... :(.  I planned on buying some new shows in Seville, but no such luck.  I think I'm too picky.  Anyway, the rain finally eased up and we were able to roam the city.  We visited shops, walked by the Cathedral, got a chai from Starbucks, visited with Paco's girlfriend Lucia, and roamed the river.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

A very cute candy shop that I love.
The Cathedral

hmm....... ok there are too many! To see the rest, click here. (Most of these were also put on facebook!)

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Alisa said...

Love the candy shop photos...can't you see yourself owning one of those?!

Also...love the cathedral & laundry photos!