Monday, November 22, 2010

Jerez shopping spree

Every day after school, I come home, have lunch, study, go to the gym (some days), study some more and go to bed.  Marcos decided I needed a break from this monotony and he took me shopping in Jerez!  There is a huge shopping center there, including Ikea, H&M, and cute clothing shops. 
We left Cadiz a little later than we had hoped.  We walked through some of the down town area, which on some streets reminded me of a fake movie set up because of how old and cute it was.... and then on to the bus to get to the major shopping area.  Upon our arrival, we realized we didn't have much time to eat a snack before we shopped, so we shoved two donuts down our throats (not one but two each) and started  in H&M.  The last store we were in was called Primark.  
Primark is like... well the craziest store I have ever been in.  Jodie, if you feel overwhelmed sometimes in Target or Fred Meyer, you would have had a heart attack in this store.  Merchandise is everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean it.... the floor, on racks, hanging off doors, lights, EVERYWHERE.  They sell all clothes, from baby to adult.  It's smaller than an Old Navy but bigger than a Gap.  They have these tiered tables that look like giant laundry piles.  What humored me was there was actual employees trying to fold it all back up.  It would have taken an army of folders to conquer that mess.  I felt inclined to help since I can fold a shirt in less than 3 seconds, but only folded about 6 shirts before I noticed the check out line.  It was about 25 people or more long.  Even if I did find something here, who the hell would want to stand in that line??  I had to leave.  We then got Burger King and headed back to the bus station.  I felt like a walrus, donuts and Burger King, wow Cole, way to stay healthy in Spain!  
Jerez is a lot like Cadiz, in that it has a lot of history, old streets, character, etc but Marcos says I can't talk them up because Jerez citizens always think their city is better, and always try to one up Cadiz or other cities.  Jerez however doesn't have a beach, so take that JEREZ!

A statue in the city

Buildings in Jerez
The amazing sunset I captured
Marcos and I on the way home... 

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