Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Friends

Marcos is extremely loyal to his friends.  He is the type that has a few super close friends and he sticks with them for life.  He reminds me of a wolf with his pack, forever together.  Saturday we had a 6pm snack (since dinner is at 10pm) at his house and those really close friends of his came over for SMC candies, peanut butter on toast and tea/coffee!

Lucia (Paco's girlfriend), Ana (Jesus's girlfriend), and Vane (Miki's girlfriend)
Vane is shy and currently learning English.  She gets super nervous around me when trying to speak English but she is getting more brave.  She is my closest girlfriend here.  I try and tell her that I am just as nervous speaking Spanish but that in order to learn you have to try!  Lucia is what I think of as a typical Spanish woman.  She is super expressive with her face and hands when she speaks, so much that I usually understand her the most because she is practically acting out what she is saying.
Left to Right: Cole, Paco, Lucia, Ana, Vane, Miki and Jesus
The triplets: Marcos, Ana and Paco
This is just a silly picture of us at the park, eating candies and studying Spanish!
Tomorrow is my third week of school!!  Two weeks down, 10 more to go! Not that I'm counting or anything.  I wish I could stay here for a year and teach English and become a Spanish speaking Goddess!  Wish me luck this week!

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Alisa said...

But CAN stay there for a year! Why not?! Live life! This is your chance!!

I love your list about all of the typical things in Spain. The trash is the same thing as in Mexico...and Jared would go bag trash in front of our house and along the highway. It drove him crazy!

And did you seriously take that sunset photo of the city? That is amaaaaaazing!!!