Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Marcos has been studying English the last 2-3 years and he is so good that I sometimes forget that English is his second language.  Whenever I hear Spanish, sometimes I hear the word and it sounds similar to another Spanish word.  I'm a constant ball of confusion.  Here are a few of our miscommunications. 

I was sitting on the bed looking at my laptop and having a discussion with Marcos, while he was on his computer.  The last line of the conversation was from me to Marcos: "Don't be so defensive."
Long 10-20 second pause.  Marcos looks over at me and says, "What is so expensive?"

I came home from the Pharmacy with a box of "throat lozenges".  They came in a box, which is not as normal as USA, but the directions say to suck on them and they tasted minty just like at home.  I had a horrible sore throat, so I laid down on Marcos's bed, opened my laptop to watch the latest Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and started to suck those babies down.  2 hours or more passed when Marcos says, "You can now have another one of your medicines, enough time has passed."  I looked at him and said, "What medicine?"  He looked at me and stared.  I then picked up the box and said, "theeesee?  I have had 12 so far!"  Woops.... maximum in 24 hours was 8.  Overdose symptoms were hypertension and stroke.  Sweet Jesus I was paranoid but nothing bad happened and I didn't die in my sleep (obviously).

When practicing English with my friend Vane, she described to me what she did in class.
"My teacher touched me....." umm....
"Taught Vane, taught!"
I didn't tell her what she really said, as I didn't want to embarrass her.

When asking Marcos where something was, he replied, "It's in the toilet!"  And I thought "WHAT?!?! IN THE TOILET!! WHY?"  But then I realized, they call the bathroom, 'toilet'.  Which kind of makes sense because some bathrooms don't have baths only toilets.  

While in Barcelona I asked Marcos "Is there any other museums that you wanted to see today?"  Marcos: "Yes, but they are already in my pants."  Me: "um... are you trying to be cheeky with me?"  I heard pants, but what he really said was plans.

Handing Marcos my water bottle to pack in his suit case, I said "Can you fit this?"  He took it and I went on with my packing.  30 second later he handed it back filled with water.  (fit / filled)

"I think I have lice," I said as I itched my head.
Marcos: "um, like the potato chips!"  (Lays)

Marcos and Paco were rough housing and Marcos hit Paco in the leg.  All fun intended, Marcos actually hurt Paco.  Later Marcos and I were on the bus discussing the incident.  After a little pause Marcos finished the topic with the statement "I hope he's okay".  I looked at him, trying really hard to understand what he said and finally just asked if what I heard as correct "You want a piece of cake?"

While in Spanish class, I told my teacher what foods I ate in Chaouen.  Instead of saying "pollo" which is chicken, I said "polla" (which is a really stupid mistake, but a funny one!) which means "cock" or "dick".  She burst out laughing and said in english "no no, that means cock!"

I am sure there will be plenty more miscommunication as long as I continue to hang out with bi-lingual friends and studying Spanish!!  Fun times.


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Alisa said... the toilet! I'll be laughing about some of these for awhile to come (p.s. thanks for the heads up on the polla mistake--I didn't know--and certainly will be careful around that one, now!)

I asked a friend the other day at church if her son's name was Rico. She was very very confused. Oops...I meant--Ricki. Yeah--seeing how she/he is not rico, it made for a good laugh for both of us!