Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunday Carnaval

When I was young girl I went to Disney Land for the first time with my family and was able to meet Alice in Wonderland. As she approached me, I remember being in absolute awe, mouth wide open, and speechless.  She leaned down and said, "We look a lot alike us two...with our long blond hair!"  I was totally in love.  Later, when I began dancing, one of my dreams was to perform in a Disney Land parade as either Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or some gorgeous admired blonde from the land of fantasy, like Alice. Sunday I not only danced, but I was thee Alice in the Carnaval parade.  I didn't even know that I was going to be in the parade until two seconds after it started.  I woke up on Sunday at 4pm, (yes 4pm but we were out until 5:30 am, so I have an excuse) and put myself together in a haste to get to the parade on time. Walking to the main avenue, children got so excited "Alicia! Alicia!" they screamed "Momma, es Alicia!".  Marcos and I had so many pictures taken of us with other people's kids, and that was all before the parade even started!  Marcos mentioned we could walk in the very beginning of the procession, so when the parade approached where we were, we got passed the crowd and walked our Disney butts out onto the main avenue and strutted our sweet costumes.  Along side us were the performers that competed in the competitions on TV, basically really famous people to this area.  It was SO MUCH FUN!! All the little kids waved at us, and screamed out our names.  The kids thought Marcos's eyes were the coolest!  For 20 minutes or so, walking down the street, we felt famous in the little town of Cadiz.
A woman made Marcos try on her glasses!

The Parade behind us.  All the people here were VIP, and at the end of the parade,
we went into their VIP area..... we are so sneaky!
Some of the crowd.
Lil' Mad Hatter with Mad Hatter
Lil' Alice with Alice
Such clowns!
The cutest little old lady I have ever seen!
The start of the Parade
Possibly the coolest float I ever saw.  The wings moved up and down and
it was "flying" (it had no base).

A parade always needs a few drag queens.
Rio style = almost naked.

Later that night we enjoyed an amazing show of fireworks.  The explosions were choreographed with music to American disco songs!!  It was a blast!!!

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WaveSki said...

Bonita calvalgata de carnaval de Cádiz este año (Nico)