Sunday, March 27, 2011

My last week in Spain

The last week of Carnaval is in my mind as one big blur.  Not because I was drinking, (I only drank a little), but because everyday there was something going on.  Choirs singing in the streets around every corner,  free giveaways (food, beer & wine all for freeeeee), concerts in the evening, costumes galore, a massive fireworks display and more.  My days and nights were full.

One of the choirs singing on a truck that moves around the city.
Miki, Vane, and Marcos
The bug choir singing a song in the old town.
Their costumes represented the Miners in Chili.
Marcos's twin Mad Hatter sister!
Traditional sea food sold during Carnaval.
Victorio Lucchino, a famous designer.
They fry their own potato chips instead of selling lays!  They are so much better!
Elin (from Sweden) and I.  We look like sisters.
Alejandro (the school admin) and I
All of us enjoying our free food and beer!
Friends :)

Concert in the square.  Everyone in the crowd was singing along!

Alice in Wonderland costumes from Malaga.
More Alice friends.  I just loved this Queen.
Burning of the witch at the end of Carnaval.
The amazing fireworks show at the end.  It's a long video, but very pretty!

If you would like to see ALL of the Carnaval pictures, click here.

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Alisa said...

Are their homemade potato chips harder, like they are here?

Fresh potato chips seem to be available on every corner, as well as some other weird airy crispy things that I have yet to pinpoint the main ingredient. They cover the chips and all fruit in lime juice and tons of chili powder!