Tuesday, March 29, 2011

San Francisco.... treat!

Last Wednesday, Barbie and I went to San Fran for two days of non stop walkin' and tourist boppin'.  We walked and walked and walked and saw pretty much the ENTIRE city.  From the Mission Street Murals, to the friendly Castro district (where Harvey Milk's office is located!), to the Fisherman's Warf, we walked our feet off (literally, my shins and feet hurt for two days after the trip).  We had a blast.  Our hotel was amazing.  The MOMA was even MORE amazing.  The weather, not so amazing.  It poured (Ketchikan style) all day Thursday.... but that didn't stop us.  Check out some of my favorite pics that Miss Barbie Hull shot!

Hotel Majestic and random building
Museaum of Modern Art - Wine sniffing.
Mission Murals
Check out Barbie's blog for more amazing pictures! 

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