Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Saturday night Cadiz during Carnval

Saturday was the kick off for Carnaval in Cadiz.  Starting off in Marcos's neighborhood, we drank the traditional sweet wine, made of muscatel grapes, and ate snacks while listening to the Coro's (choirs) in the street. Kids were running around, spraying silly string on business windows and other people, blowing kazoos and looking Oh so adorable in their Carnaval costumes.  The choirs sing about compliments of Cadiz, and are very poetic.  Each truck has a theme: Lion King, Chicago, Pirates, etc and they sing songs around the theme they have chosen.  For example, the Lion Kings compare Cadiz to the jungle or the Pirates talk about invading a city and discovering Cadiz.  Everything they sing about though is based around the city of Cadiz and it's people.  
Since drinking in the streets is permitted during holidays in Cadiz, and restaurants and bars don't let the public use their toilets, the issue of bathrooms becomes a problem.  There is a street that I call Dog Poop Lane because people never seem to pick up their crap.  However, when Marcos and I went home to prepare for the night , tucked between each car on that street, people were copping a squat/standing and peeing.  I have never seen so many adults peeing in public in broad daylight at once.  It was actually quite shocking!

One of the many Coros we heard!
This was a "small crowd".
After a few hours of watching the choirs, we returned home and created ourselves into Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland characters.  Let us introduce ourselves ....
The Mad Hatter and Alice
Marcos used contact lenses to create the "craziness" of the Mad Hatter.
The boys of the night: Brave Heart, Mad Hatter, Crusader, Mark Anthony, and Brave Heart
The girls of the night: Alice, Cleopatra, & Greek Goddesses
Remember the contests I talked about that we watched on Friday night?  One of the groups that competed was a group of Mad Hatters.  Below is a picture with one of them.  Throughout the weekend, people would stop Marcos and say things like "You guys deserved first place, you were amazing, great performance." Marcos didn't have the heart to tell them that he wasn't the "real deal" and he would play along.  Some would even ask "Are you performing tonight?  When can we see you again?" and Marcos would make something up!  That's how amazing his costume was!
Marcos Mad Hatter, Alice & Mad Hatter from TV
Situated in Plaza San Antonio in the old town, all the choirs from the competition were performing Saturday night.  Massive amounts of people swarmed the old town, from plaza to plaza, dressed in their super creative costumes, drinking, dancing and singing.  We saw so many amazing costumes!!!  From Pac Man characters, to Ketchup and Mustard bottles.  We even saw speed limit sign costumes, which were worn to create awareness that they are trying to get the city to change the speed limit from 120 to 110 km/hour.
A choir singing in Plaza San Antonio (I saw them on TV too!)
Three Musketeers
"Smoking Kills!" &
"It also kills your pocket, because the prices keep soaring."
Pacman and crew
Another Alice and the Queen of Hearts
Flower Pots
Fred and his Flintmobile
About 3 am we decided to head home..... and we finally did get home at 5:30 am.  Getting a taxi was near to impossible, or wait, it WAS impossible, as we never got one, and finally caught a bus ride home.  We were exhausted!  I didn't know what to expect of Carnaval, but I imagined more games or booths, like our 4th of July.  Marcos explained to me though that it's more traditional, with Spanish songs, and Spanish traditions.   It was definitely a fun night!!  
It's amazing to me, that each night of Carnval results in mass amounts of litter,
but by the next day it's all cleaned by City employees.
More to follow friends! xo

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