Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 3 Juice Fast

Day 3 is already here for my 5 day juice fast.  I can't wait for Friday morning to indulge in eggs and toast or maybe I'll even go crazy and go out for breakfast!  So far the juice fast is going great.  I haven't killed anyone yet, bit off anyone's head, slammed my car into someone due to road rage or broken down and cried like a little baby.  But then again, I haven't been around anyone, or in my car, and too busy with phone calls to try and get a tear in. 
Day 1, I weighed in at 142.  I started a bit late, due to the fact that I hadn't bought the produce yet, and started just after noon.  I had juiced 4 recipes that day.  The nice thing about these recipes is some will yield up to 4 glasses of juice.  I felt like I was sipping on juice every minute!  The "green" juices aren't my favorite.  I hate celery.  I think I might just cut celery completely out of these recipes as I only taste the celery, bleck!  Coconut water helps though.... I just top off the yucky tasting ones and it sweetens them up a bit.  I love all of the ones that include a little more fruit, such as pears or apples.
Day 2, I weighed in at 140.8.  I juiced 4 juices, drinking a ton of veggies and fruits, including an entire cantaloupe and melon by the end of the day!  Who knew that beets, ginger root and carrots, when juiced together, would be so good?  I was very surprised.  It was so good yesterday, that I juiced it again!  Today I fit a walk in, nothing extreme, but I got my heart rate up.
Around 6pm, I hit a wall.  I could have passed out standing up, I was so sleepy.  Joe, the Aussie, said this would happen. I think from 6pm til I finally fell asleep was my hardest. I really wanted to eat. I made another juice instead, but I still wanted to eat.  Going to bed hungry is NOT easy.
Day 3, I weighed in at 139.8.  Total of 2.2 lbs lost since day 1.  I thought I would be STARVING, considering the night before I thought my insides were going to cave in, but instead, I felt fine.  In fact, when I saw my reflection in the mirror, my skin tone looked better.  I'm now drinking 2 green apples, a lemon, celery (yes, i put 2 stalks instead of 4), spinach, kale, & half a cucumber.  Today, however, I have to go to the bank, and my Spanish class.  Sweet KIWI, I have to be AROUND people!  I am going to fill a container full of juice and bring it wherever I go, in hopes that I won't break down and buy food.  (Fingers crossed!)


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